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best wedding website?

so which wedding website did you use?  the knot?  wedding wire?  wedding bee?  Trying to decide on the best comprehensive site as I really need to get started on this....websites that will allow links to hotels, let me upload maps, and that have good spreadsheets for RSVPs are preferable. In addition, how many relied on electronic RSVPs and had a positive experience?  I am on a budget, and invitations/RSVP process is one area where I really don't mind cutting costs.

Re: best wedding website?

  • I used mywedding and have had a good experience with it.  I'm not sure about online rsvps, because I had every mail theirs back.

    My only complaint is that it is not good if you want to password protect it.  Your guests will have to set up a mywedding account and then use the password.  Kind of a pain in the butt.  I also bought a domain name from godaddy.com for $8 and had it forwarded to my wedding website.  It was worth the expense since it  was way easier for people to remember.
  • We used wedding wire and I love it.
  • I used weddingwire and have been happy with it.  They have a New Orleans template that I used.  I am not doing online RSVPs, so I can't comment on that. 
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  • We are using Wedding Window and have online RSVP's - we've loved it. It's very easy to use, well designed and the website has a great Planning feature in addition to the website your guests will see.  It allows you to budget, organize and plan all from one place.  It costs $ but if you are doing online RSVP's only I'd highly recommend the investment b/c you know exactly what you are going to get. 
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    Weddingwindow worked GREAT for us. The electronic RSVP is really outstanding and the links to hotel reservations were excellent. We paid $59 for a 12 month site but you can pay less for shorter. Our guests are still using it now, after the wedding to get follow-up info and access to our photos.
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