Herrington on the bay!

I'm looking for a list of hotels around Herrington on the bay!

Thanks! Smile

Re: Herrington on the bay!

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    My friend had her reception there about 5 years ago.  The venue was great, but it wasn't my wedding so I can't really give you any feedback on how there were to work with.

    As far as hotels, at that time, the only options were Herrington Harbor Inn (on-site) and Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa.  We stayed at the Inn, as did most guests.  It was a dump.  The air conditioning didn't work, the sheets were dirty, and their were bugs everywhere inside the rooms.  It was also pretty expensive considering what the quality of the rooms were.  Luckily, we were recent college grads and didn't care too much about anything other than the alcohol.  I haven't been there since, so it's entirely possible they've renovated since.  The Resort & Spa is only a little bit down the road and we got ready there.  It's a beautiful hotel, but of course it's a bit on the expensive side.

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    Ditto pp, they are really the only closest options. The Herrington Harbour Inn has been redone and the rooms were pretty nice. I've heard negative reviews of CBR and it's pretty expensive for what you get. Both hotels do have 2 night minimums on weekends though. The next closest option is the Holiday Inn Express in Prince Frederick which is about 19 miles away.
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