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Hey Ladies,

I have never had a real tree until last year when FI and I bought our first house together.  We bought it 2 weeks before xmas.  So we don't know much about real trees.  I wanted to go out and buy a real tree this weekend.  However, I am worried that it will dry out before xmas.  I looked online and some websites say its fine to buy a tree this earlier, other websites say the opposite.  Talking with friends, family, coworkers - none have bought a real tree this early. 

Has anyone bought a real tree a month before xmas? Did it last? WDYT. 

This is my only weekend off until xmas so I really want to get it this weekend.

Re: Random Question: Xmas Tree

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    I've heard they stay freshest if you go and cut them down yourself (as opposed to getting them from like a church or grocery store parking lot). 

    Growing up we would leave our tree up well past Christmas... and got it close to Thanksgiving.  And our trees were real until I was in middle school.  So they can last a long time. 
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    We always had a real tree growing up and we got it usually a week or 2 after thanksgiving and kept it up until after New Years.  But I agree w/ Sweet... they will last a lot longer if you go to a farm and cut them yourself! Who knows how long those other trees have already been cut, and a lot are shipped up from NC and other states.  GL! I loved having a real tree, but for now the fake one is so much more practical.

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