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I got married in May but never posted my reviews. This will be XPed to the other Maryland Board as well.

Venue- Vandiver Inn ( Love doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this place. It was the absolutely PERFECT venue for our wedding. The food was the BEST wedding food I have ever had and the Inn itself was the perfect setting for the vintagey kind of wedding I wanted. Chasi, the wedding coordinator, is a complete godsend. The day we got married was quite hot (at least for the girl in the big ass dress) and she took me inside a few times to cool off as well as helping me reglue my fake eyelashes at least 5 times. She makes the wedding experience wonderful. Also, another favorite point of mine is that as the day winds down and guests leave, the Inn will leave on your bed two plates of your dinner as well as two pieces of cake and a thing of water. It was the most perfect way to unwind with my new husband.  10/10 for sure!

Photographer- Love by Serena ( Serena and Chad (her husband) were one of the vendors that I really took a leap with. When we first contacted them they were just getting their business into the swing of things and they didn't have much work for my H and I to look through. I had a good feeling about them and took a chance, and it paid off greatly. Serena and Chad were so unassuming, but got the best shots. I was so nervous to see our wedding pictures and I absolutely love ever single one of them. If you want a wedding photographer who will quietly take some of the best wedding pictures you have ever seen, you need to book with them. Today. Go do it now.

Florist- Amanda's Florist ( Amanda was wonderful. I can't talk about her services without gushing. My H and I went in to meet with her and came out excited to see the arrangements she could come up with. I asked her to incorporate some of my grandmother's wedding gown into my bouquet and she did it beautifully.

Baker- Desserts by Ritas ( Not only was the cake beautiful, but it tasted like heaven. I absolutely recommend them.

In terms of vendors that I was less than thrilled with? I purchased my dress, my BM dresses, and my mother's dress from Amanda Ritchey Bridal and while everything came in before the wedding and it all was correct, it wasn't a magical experience. I think I was too laid back of a bride to really stay on top of them to see when the dresses were going to delivered. I know that when it was all said and done, my dress was delivered a month past the date I was told when I purchased the dress, and my moms was delivered 2 months past the date I was told. While they have a ton of selection and are very nice, I was less than impressed.
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