Anyone heard of????

Murdock’s photography…I already have a student that said they will do it for free, but I would still like to have someone with a little more experience, He said he would charge 375 for 5 hours, that’s not bad...He said he works in northern Ky and Cincinnati so i thought i would check both boards. So can anyone give me the good and or bad reviews of him?…Thanks

here is his site...
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Re: Anyone heard of????

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    I have not heard of Murdocks photography. But, I was shocked at the price! I wonder if he would travel to Lexington, KY. Let me know if you use him or find out any more information. Thanks for sharing this find!
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    Ladies, sometimes finding somebody new means getting a great price, but keep in mind sometimes you get what you pay for.  Be sure to ask to see FULL weddings that he's shot, not just the ones in his portfolio.  Ask to see the last 5.  Or 5 specific dates, etc.  They're going to pick their best work for their portfolio online - you want to see what's average for them. 
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    I totally second Squirrly!  With photography, I truly believe that you get what you pay for - make sure you see full weddings before you book!  If photography is important to you, I strongly encourage to find other ways to save & not scrimp on photography!
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