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Is October too cold?

Okay so our reception is going to be outside in a beautiful pavillion. The only problem is that the date is October 29th! We are so worried that it will be too cold. We have no option for moving it inside. We are thinking about renting heaters though. Can anyone remember what the temperature usually is at the end of october or has anyone been to a wedding around this time? I keep hearing a lot about how beautiful the weather is at the beginning of october but nothing about the end! 

Re: Is October too cold?

  • ebrasieebrasie member
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    Its kentucky it can be really hot or really cold. I think last year it was around the 60's or 70's. check weather.com and see if they can tell you what it was last year.
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    Bryant's Rent All in Lexington has heaters.  We used them for a couple events with my job.  Kentucky weather is temperamental, so there is really no way to know what the weather is going to be like.  I looked back at the last week in Oct in 2009 and 2010.  For 2009 highs were 55-77 lows were 33-60, 2010 highs were 53-81 and lows were 32-59.  You can look at historical data on weather here.

    I know that probably doesn't help you, but you may want to see if you can reserve the heaters and closer to the wedding decide if you need them. 

    Where is your reception going to be at, if you mind me asking?  The venue may have recommendations as far as what you can do if the weather is less than desirable.
  • haleegriggshaleegriggs member
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    I am getting married in Lexington on October 29 too :)  I am praying the weather is okay, but we decided to have an indoor reception because I didn't want to chance it.  I would definitely think about renting heaters....but, if it gets cold early, people will bring jackets.  I would consider renting the heaters but I wouldn't stress too much about it.  Guests will come prepared.  It's good that you at least have a pavilion to cover everyone - I would be more worried about rain!
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    Blueribbon115: We are getting married in Louisville at the Farnsely Moreman. Did you find the historical temperature listings on this site because i have been looking all over the internet for them! 
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    It's the Kentucky Mesonet web page, I use it a lot for work.  You select a county and a month/year and it will give you all kinds of good info.  I don't think Jefferson County is  an option but Shelby and Bullit (surrounding counties) are listed!http://kymesonet.org/historical_data.php
  • Birdie1483Birdie1483 member
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    I would say it's very iffy. I'm getting married the next weekend after that and I decided to move it indoors because I just didn't want to chance it. I remember years where it snowed on Halloween. I don't know if space heaters would provide enough warmth if it was frigid that day. I would try to have a backup plan.
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    reichleb1- The best thing for you to do is to look at the farmers almanac for this year. That's what I have been doing. They say that this year's September and October are expected to be cooler and drier than usual.
    Also, with your wedding being right next to the Ohio River (mine is as well), you need to take that into consideration. The wind gusts that come from the river can make it a cooler temperature where your wedding will be.
    I think if you're sticking with having the reception at Farnsley-Moreman, you should definitely look into heater rental. October nights in Kentucky get cooler. You would definitely have a longer-lasting reception if you had heaters. You don't want your guests leaving early, just because it's cold. That would be heartbreaking for you if you weren't prepared.
    Good luck!
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    So here is what I found because our wedding is October 6 but of 2012. The average temperature in Kentucky at the end of October is about 56 degree fahrenheit... I have read that this october is supposed to be colder than usual ~ 2 degrees cooler but also think about if you have a ton of people in a tent how much extra heat will be produced by body temperature alone- I feel like I sweat at every single wedding i attend when I dance. Does your tent have walls? If so, that will impact the temperature as well. 
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