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Anyone doing the weekend before Christmas?

Is anyone else looking at using the weekend before Christmas for their nuptuals?  Right now it's my first date choice (the 22nd), and it has gotten the "green light" from immediate family so it is looking more and more like it is "the date"...I wonder if anyone else is using the same weekend--Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st, or Sunday the 22nd.  

I really like that I know all of the kids (cousins and the like) will be out of school, and everyone can be "home" (even if it means flying) by Christmas Eve.  It might even encourage everyone to get holiday shopping done earlier. I've started to ponder if anayone might dislike the date being so close to Christmas.  Gladly I'm not the first in the family to do a Christmas-time wedding--the in-laws got married on Dec 26th.

Re: Anyone doing the weekend before Christmas?

  • We have the 21st already booked! 
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  • We are! We're doing a Winter Solstice wedding, but 12/21/2013!
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  • Yep, Dec 20th! We wanted a winter wedding and love the holidays, so what better way to kick off the celebrations. And Fridays are much cheaper than Saturdays at our venue.

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  • Sounds like we all are. ;)
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  • We are looking at December 28th.  I am trying to decide if that will be too crazy with other holiday parties.   My family from London wants to be there but said they will only be there if its during the winter break from the 20th on.  I moved the date from October to accomidate them but want all of my friends there too.  Does anyone think we will battle holiday parties for people to come?
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  • I think, fortunately, that most people do their holiday parties BEFORE Christmas during Early to Mid december.  I have rarely seen a post-Christmas holiday party.   I would think that the 28th wouldn't have to battle that, my concern would be (and is for my wedding) that people won't want to travel so close to Christmas because the holidays can be exhausting. 
  • Us too!  We're doing 12/20/13. =]
  • We are.  12/21!
  • We did it the weekend leading into Christmas last year and it was an absolute hit.  I love the holidays and knew that most of the family would be in town regardless.  The biggest concern that I had was the weather and to my dismay it turned out to be a beautiful day.  I would not have changed a thing nor changed the date if I could do it over again.  Best Wishes and Good Luck…<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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