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STL's Forest Park Worl's Fair Pavilion

Hello!  I am hopefully having my ceremony and reception at STL's Forest Park World's Fair Pavilion.  Has anyone had their wedding/reception at Forest Park?  I would like to know if the park was easy to work with and if it was worth it.  Any advice or words of wisdom? 

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Re: STL's Forest Park Worl's Fair Pavilion

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    I went to a friends wedding there and it was absolutely beautiful!  You will get breathtaking photos!  Congrats!
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    I am having my ceremony and reception at the World's Fair Pavilion in October.

    *The woman who you must speak with to reserve the location is hard to get ahold of, not great at returning phone calls, etc. She is very busy. Luckily, you only have to deal with her once to initally book the venue and never speak with her again. I found it was easiest to just go and speak with her in person, which you have to do if you are booking the venue over a year out from your date.

    *It books up very fast so I would call/go up there ASAP to check and see which dates are available.

    *You must pick out of the 5 authorized caterers and because you have to bring everything to the pavilion, utinsils, chairs, tables, linens, etc, it can get expensive.

    But with all of that being said, everyone who has ever been to a wedding there has said that it is just gorgeous so in the end I hope it is all worth it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    We are getting married at the Pavilion in June 2011. We also went in person to the park office to get a reservation. The catering options were pretty restrictive. We chose the Pasta House and are happy with them so far. There was another caterer in the same price range, but we liked the idea of having something a little different for the meal. Honestly, I'm a little overwhelmed by the space. Have you thought about decorating?
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    Oh yes!  I have everything planned.  The space is overwhelming, but it can be done.  If you don't need the side section that is shaped like a half circle then cut if off from your guests.  You could have a sash strung across decoratively so it cuts that part off while still looking seemless.  Also, I am going to have material hung from side 2/3 of the way up to bring the space down.  Otherwise you have a lovely decorated space, but above the tables is this big empty space.
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    Great idea with the material on the pillars! I think we are having the gift table/guest book and cake displayed in the side section. I was more worried about the pavilion looking too bare.  We are planning on attending a wedding with our caterer this summer to check the place out and get some more ideas :)
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    It is normally gorgeous there, however it depends on the weather.  On Friday, May 7th, my cousin went to a wedding there and it was extremely windy and cold.  Everyone wanted to leave which is terrible because everything was so beautiful.  However, the wind was knocking down arrangements  and candles needed to be constantlly relit.  

    I went to a wedding there a couple of years ago and it was beautiful.  The weather was perfect. 

    Basically, have a wedding at the Worlds Fair Pavillion is like having a wedding in a tent.  If the weather is good then all is good.   Check this World's Fair wedding on youtube to get an idea of what can happen.

    Chris and Chrissy's wedding April 24, 2004

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    I've already booked my wedding and reception for June 2011 at the World's Fair Pavilion and I'm running into a lot of problems actually. Any help would be appreciated.

    I had a cake place tell me they couldn't do my cake because they won't do outdoor weddings-their fondant stuff would melt.

    I'm having trouble with caterers because I have a hometown caterer that I wanted to use, but can't because it's not on "their list". I'm upset and all the approved caterers are way over the budget I had planned.

    I don't know where to get ready before the wedding. I've thought about just closing off the bathroom to the guests before the wedding...is that fair?

    Plus, I have NO idea where to have the rehearsal dinner because there's a wedding taking place there the night before. 

    This year, the weather is SWELTERING! I'm really scared about having a wedding there next year. I'm going to melt my dress off!
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    I am having my wedding there May 2011. We booked Wedding Wonderland for our cake. Pasta House for our caterer. They are the cheapest of the 5 approved and most experienced with the pavilion. There is another bathroom across from the pavilion parking lot so I wouldnt think closing it off for "the bride" would be too much. :)
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