Didnt see a thread started and know that Liz is on a business trip so, how was everyones weekends? what planning are you doing this week?

I went to the Viviano Flower show this weekend and had the best time and got so many ideas. I plan on going next year too since it will still be before my wedding. The only problem is that it is a free show so people bring their entire entourage.

No real planning for me this week, just still researching things. I am getting really discouraged. I have contacted my top 4 photographers, 2 are booked, 1 I emailed over a week ago hasnt responded, and the first one I contacted I have an appointment with next week. I just wanted to meet with more than one, but I guess I am not going to!
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    I dont have alot of planning to do. Stalking my mailbox for RSVP's. I do have some stuff that needs to be purchased ( Flower girl baskest, ect...) I have a wine glass project to finish for my thank you gift to the people throwing me our shower, which is this coming saturday.

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    B-12 Ahot this morning and then give two people some news that may not be plesant at least for one of them.  Please pray for me as I need strength.
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    My weekend was pretty good.  I finished assembling the pocketfolds and invites!  I'm so glad that project is done.

    This week:
    NWR: applying for more jobs, working some, and catching up with a few friends.
    WR: Calling our baker (my uncle) to discuss our cake and going with my mom to get some shower stuff done.
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    I had my first dressing fitting, bought my wedding shoes and took 9 minutes off my previous half marathon time!  We had a great weekend with friends.  

    I also finished our taxes and the money we will be getting back we will be using to take a honeymoon we did not think we would be able to!  So excited about this.  It is not a typical honeymoon though.  We are starting in Yuma heading to Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Fran and Napa Valley, Reno, Carson City, Cheyenne, Denver (Boulder, Steamboat), Grand Canyon, Phoenix, home.  It is going to be a 3 week, 6 state, 6 capital, southwest camping, fine dining, wining, trip.  My FI is planning most of it.  

    Had to order $.20 stamps for our invitations so I too am stalking my mailbox for them. The invitations go out on the 9th and I expected the stamps by now.  

    FI and groomsman were fitted for their tuxes this weekend.  Just waiting for FBIL to get his fitting (supposedly Wednesday).  There is nothing like waiting until the last minute.  They have known about this since July and I wanted measurements in my March 10th at the latest.  

    It was an eventful, fun fill weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!
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    This weekend was so fun! Saturday was spent with some good friends and Sunday was our monthly Ladies Day with FMIL and all the FSILs. It was so fun! I love that I'm joining such a great family. :)

    FI and I also agreed upon STDs so we can put in an order soon. [writing that with the abbreviations makes me laugh.]  We also set up an appointment with our photographer to sign the contract and set the date for our e-session. :) We're doing a beach shoot and I can't wait! 

    This week:
    Heading to our venue to put down more $$ and reserve our tickets for the tasting. 
    Working on the guest list some more and starting to round up everyone's address. 

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    For me, it's the same stuff I had on the list last week. Obviously I got a lot done!
    - Write up some stuff for our day-of stationary products
    - Call the priest to have one last meeting before the wedding
    - Day of timeline

    Some things to add to the list:
    - shot list for the photographer
    - wrangle my mother. Things have been busy with some family issues, but she was supposed to be handling the hotel bags and florist and I don't think much progress is being made on either. I'm really nervous this stuff will fall to the last minute and I'd really like that not to happen!
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    I had an okay weekend. I am sick with something I was sick a few weeks ago with. On Saturday I had to start another round on antibiotics that you can not have any alcohol with or you get very very sick. You can't even take cough medicine because of the alcohol in it. Normally this would be no biggie for me but seeing it was my birthday on Sunday it kind of sucked.

    Fi and I decided to put off my nice romantic birthday dinner until next Saturday so I can have a glass of wine. 

    I didn't really get anything wedding related done this weekend.

    This week I need to buy the flower stamps for my invites and finish teh last minute touches on them. I don't want to be rushing around at the last minute to send them out. 
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    Weekend was amazing.  My bacholerette party was on Saturday.  OMG!  So much fun.  FI's bacholer party was the same night.  And the planners of the two parties did such an amazing job.  They even planned it so that both parties met up at the end of the evening at the hotel.  They couldn't have planned a better night.

    This week is a bunch of little things.  We are under the 2 week mark.  So printing up welcome letters for hotel welcome bags.  Printing reserved signs for the family seating at the ceremony.  Calling in final head count to the hall.  Calling DJ with song lists.  Getting rings polished a cleaned.  Picking up finished handfasting tie from the store.  And picking up my dress on Saturday.

    So a lot of stuff, but all little small things that shouldn't take a long time.
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    I didn't think we'd get anything wedding related done this weekend, but we on a whim we decided to go to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday to start registering. Took WAY freakin' longer than we thought it would and we're probably going to have to go back - but I'm still happy we at least started it!

    On Saturday I had a girl's night with a friend, my mom and my sister - we ended up cooking "Slutty Brownies" (pinterest recipe?) but changing it up a bit (bottom layer of cookie dough, middle layer of crumbled reese's cups, top layer of brownie) - SO FREAKIN' GOOD! I had a good weekend.

    This week I'll be happy if I can get my invite designs done, I feel like I'm starting to run out of time with it! Next weekend I'm going to be crafting with some friends, and I'd love to have the design figured out by then.
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    Not much as far as planning done this weekend. My cousin dropped off her vases she used for her wedding for me to use. Unfortunately, they are twice the size of what we thought they would be, and she only had 12. We need 26. I feel like it would be more expensive to buy 14 more of those huge ones than it would be to pick up 26 smaller ones at the dollar store. 

    Hopefully I'll send out save the dates this week. I feel like it's too late to send them, but I had enough family ask about my date this past weekend, I figure I should send something out. 
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    Got a lot done this weekend. Picked out bridal party, colors for wedding, bought my wedding shoes and found a florist. Next up this week: we are putting our deposits down for the reception, meeting with WP and caterer. This week I hope to pick out bridesmaid dresses, find a flower girl dress for my little girl, call a couple of dj's and photographers and decide what we are going to do for our honeymoon. Phew! I can't wait for spring break.
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    Weekend was awesome.  FI and I had such a good time on saturday going downtown for dinner and to see The Black Keys, AMAZING SHOW!

    Earlier in the day, we secured the church and the Priest is so awesome, laid back Irishman.  We also met with a photographer and we will be going with him.  Purchased our card box that I will personailze. 

    This week WR:
    Secure Photographer
    Start working on DIY invites and STD's
    First dress shopping excursion on Saturday

    This week NWR:
    Work on Furniture/Finishes/Lighting for house
    Framing should start this week (fingers crossed)
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    Wednesday is our taste testing. I am excited because I love their food, so I need to make sure I work out extra hard this week!
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    We picked out the venue this weekend!  Still need to get everything finalized, but they have our date available. Very excited!  Probably start dress shopping next weekend.  I also made it to the gym this morning.  Time to get a move on!

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