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TMI Tuesday

My birthday is on Sunday, so it brought up the though of gifts for me.

Does fi ask you what you want? Do you tell him? How does he do buying gifts?

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Re: TMI Tuesday

  • FI is horrible at remembering to buy gifts. My Christmas gift was late, because he forgot to order it until the day before. My Valentine's day gift was late because he didn't get it in time. He wasn't even going to get me anything for my birthday... until I asked the day of if he got me anything. It's so frustrating, because I always have his stuff wayyy in advance. 

    That being said, I never tell him what I want. Once he remembers (or I remind him), he always picks out the most amazing things that are perfect. So I can't get too upset about it. 
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  • Happy (almost) Birthday!!!

    We typically ask each other. It's getting harder and harder to figure stuff out. Last year, I just told him to get me an eReader and I didn't even REALLY want one (but it was a good thing to get for work). Funny thing, I do really love it now. But, yes, usually he gets me something I've asked specifically for and pointed him to.

    I try to be all creative and stuff, but that doesn't always work. Honestly, for communal holidays (i.e. Christmas), I always try to advocate for a joint gift like a trip instead of doing individual gifts. Saves us both in having to come up with something!
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  • I sort of hate gifts, I don't participate in Christmas and haven't gotten birthday presents in YEARS.

    FI will usually take me out to dinner for my birthday and that is sufficient for me. I will get him a gift for Christmas because it's his birthday, but that's about it
  • We say things like we would like ____ randomly and I try to remember those for gifts later.  My FI does the same thing but sometimes we just get something like a new shirt or whatever.
  • I am with you MMRoberts. When FI casually mentions he likes or wants something I try to remember it for birthday or christmas. My FI pretty much just goes out and buys want he wants though, so he can be really hard to buy for.

    I never have to remind FI its my birthday. He always gets me 3 cards, a sappy one, a funny one, and one from the dog lol. He will usually ask me what I want, I will give him a few ideas and he will go from there.
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  • In Response to Re: TMI Tuesday:
    [QUOTE]My FI pretty much just goes out and buys want he wants though, so he can be really hard to buy for. Posted by sparkles776[/QUOTE]

    So does mine!  Sometimes it drives me crazy.
  • In Response to Re: TMI Tuesday:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: TMI Tuesday : So does mine!  Sometimes it drives me crazy.
    Posted by MMRoberts11[/QUOTE]
    Ugh same here! I complain about it all the time and he just laughs...it's impossible to make mental notes of things that he says he wants...but within a week he goes out and buys it for himself anyway. 
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  • FI is pretty dense and doesnt remember when I try to give hints so he usually just asks me and I write a list. What really helped this Christmas/birthday is that Amazon allows you to add things from any website now so any time I came across something I liked I would add it and he chose from there. Now that I got my Pandora bracelet he at least has one idea for every occasion.
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  • Fi never asks me what I want ever. He is an incredible gift giver though. Always something I love that I never really even asked for.

    I always spend weeks wondering what he got me though.
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  • In Response to Re: TMI Tuesday:
    [QUOTE]We tell each other. Easier.
    Posted by Sue-n-Kevin[/QUOTE]
    This.  Although I never know what I want so I'm super boring.  He's usually pretty good with the gifts though :)

    DH usually has a list ready and waiting for each holiday/birthday to distribute to people--also including links to the amazon site so we know specifically which version to get.  He's very easy to shop for!
  • Happy Birthday, early!!  

    It depends for us.  We both have just bought gifts before because we had been hinting at things.  Other times we have talked about it and done more of a couple gift.  Our birthdays are only 12 days apart though so it kind of helps keep costs down and allows us to do things together to celebrate.  

    I have specifically asked for something before.  He has but for Christmas, not birthday.

    Hope you have a great one!!
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  • We usually ask what the other wants, but usually when I am asking him what he wants, I already have something in mind, or even bought. FI's birthday is March 9th, and our 5 year anniversary is March 24th, I am so excited to give him his gift (I bought pretty awesome seats for a Detroit Red Wings Game for the day of our anniversary), I can barely wait to give it to him. I bought him a Red Wings jersey last year, so I was thinking about rewrapping that so he can actually open something.
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