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I saw that you did DIY calla lillies from costco. I was thinking about doing this, but got nervous about the flowers tips turning brown (which I know they are known to do) and looking withered/old the day of. I saw your pictures and they look GREAT...did you have to cut the tips like they suggest on the website, or was it a non-issue? Also, how many days ahead of time did you order them? Sorry so many questions, but thanks in advance!

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    Hi thereTo tell you the truth I wasn't worried about the calla lilly's turning. Most florists will lead you to believe that they are very delicate but they are actually very sturdy. I had the flowers from my recption on my dining room table for an entire week after the wedding. You do have clip the ends. Have you ever brought home roses? Well you know how the ends get a little brown? Well its the same thing with the calla. The stems are actually hollow, and after being in water if damaged they will shred, so you do have to snip the end. I ordered them from Costco through a contact person I believe 3 months prior to the wedding and had them delivered to the costco in Troy.  Its better than doing it online. I went in the Friday morning and picked them up. The flowers came with plant food. I mixed a few packages of the food and placed the water in the vases that I used to ensure that they would look fresh and it worked. I do have to say that the Colored Calla's seems to be way sturdier than the white ones. The white ones weren't as vibrant. Crap that was a lot. Feel free to ask me questions. I'm here to help.  You can email me at if you have any additional questions. sophia197211236@yahoo.com  BTW: Its so much more cheaper ordering the flowers from Costco in bunches.
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    Great! Thanks for all the info, and I will definitely keep your email on hand if I have any more questions. You are awesome!
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