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Engagement photos problem

Hi everyone, So, this is my first post here but I figured you all were the right group to come to with a little venting. I'm getting married in July and have already booked a photographer who's work my fiance and I adore. He worked with my brother and sis-in-law as well as some friends for their wedding and the photos are awesome. Here's the problem, we want to do some engagement pics but I'm having a lot of trouble getting the photographer to nail down a date to do the pics. We did get a day scheduled (and it was a totally BEAUTIFUL fall day, like, they don't come better than that day) and he contacted me that morning that he had to postpone because he was ill. So, since then (about a week ago) I've been trying to get him to give me a new date for the photos and he is just not getting back to me with a confirmation of any sort. At this point I feel like we may have to put off the photos until the spring, and then it seems like it's getting so close to the wedding that I'm not sure if it's really worth it. I really want to do these photos and I'm getting so frustrated that he won't set a date with me to do them! Thoughts? Suggestions? Commiserating? THanks :)

Re: Engagement photos problem

  • jujubee455jujubee455 member
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    welcome to the board... have you called him?? Or is this just through email? If you havn't called I say call him and be like look we really want to schedule a date, cuz we want it done before it gets too cold. Give him some days you are available and see what happens. If he is still being shady I would be more upfront. I would say that you are having a hard time understanding why he can't give you some options for dates. Just be firm, but not mean.
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  • ejayejay member
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    I would call him, hopefully you will get to talk to him but if you have to leave him a vm let him know you hope he's feeling better, and that you weren't sure if he got your last email, but you want to get your pics scheduled while the weather is decent.  Then give him a few open days that you would be willing to do them.  You might want to offer both morning and evening times if your schedule permits it.  That way if hes having a hard time fitting you in the afternoon you can go in the morning.  Then see if he calls you back :)  GL and let us know how it goes! Welcome to the board!!
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    I agree with both pp's...definitely call him. It's not as easy for him to avoid your questions and concerns if you're on the phone with him. Tell him you really want to schedule something soon before the weather gets too cold. Hopefully he will be able to accomodate you in the near future. If he isn't able to work something out with you, and you really want engagement pictures taken, contact some other photographers and see if they can help. A lot of photogs will do e-pic sessions even if you aren't using them for your wedding.  Good luck!
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  • evemisevemis member
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    Thanks everyone, yeah, I guess I'll just have to try and nail him down via the phone. It's just frustrating. I mean, I know I'm not his only client and I do believe he's been sick, but I just want to get on with this. I have offered him a number of potential dates, but then havne't even gotten a response as to if those would work or not. I'll keep pursuing it. I mean, we already put down a deposit, so money has been paid, I can't see switching to somebody else at this point.
  • GwenwhyfareGwenwhyfare member
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    Agree with PP that you should give him a call. Usually that one phone call will help solve the issue's your having. An email is great for documentation, but a follow-up call will usually do the trick. We're having a similar issue with our Photog with seeing our e-pics. His schedule and ours are very busy, so I just gave him my available dates and we'll go from there.
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    My wedding is also in July, and we're having a similar issue.  The photog I want is booked solid through the end of November, so we've decided to hold off doing our engagement pics until the spring.  We had my cousin, who has a very nice digital SLR camera, take a pics of FI and I a couple weeks ago so we'd have something to use for STD's and announcements in the newspaper.  I plan to use the ones we take in the spring to make our guestbook on blurb.com.  I think it will be nicer to take the pics outdoors when it's not so freezing cold!
  • evemisevemis member
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    Well, I took the advice you all gave and just called him last evening. While I had to leave a message, I did get an email early this morning with a date for photos. Let's hope this one sticks! Keep your fingers crossed that we have nice weather :)
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