Candle centerpieces- scented ok?

I am using pillar candles for my centerpieces. Do you think scented candles would be ok to use in a large banquet hall? I want to use orange and blue candles, but can't find any unscented ones.  Or, does anyone know where I might find some unscented color candles that are inexpensive? Thanks for your help!
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Re: Candle centerpieces- scented ok?

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    I would not do scented candles if possible. Have you thought abouy making your own, or ordering them online? I have just heard so many stories about the smell mixing with the food negatively. I think candlesforless.com may have them, or they used to atleast.
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    I agree with PP with the candles mixing with the food scent. Personally, I probably wouldn't mind it HOWEVER some people may not like a certain smell and therefore may not have a pleasant experience with an overwhelming smell of something they don't like. (For example, one type of "new-car-leather-smell" literally makes me sick, and strong scents of vanilla do too so I have to call ahead to spas to make sure if I'm getting a massage they don't have vanilla scents). 
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    Yes, I would definitely try to find unscented as well. If you cant--I'm sure it will be fine but I'm just thinking with a ton of candles the smell may get a little overwhelming. 
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    If you haven't been, I'd highly recommend taking a trip to Dealer's Discount Floral in Centerline. It's located on 10 Mile Rd just east of Van Dyke. It was one of my favorite places when I was planning my wedding. They have EVERYTHING.

    Candles, candle holders, ribbons, tulle, silk flowers, vases (glass, silver, silver-looking, various colors), floral foam, baskets, wreaths, favors). When you walk in, go to the far left aisles, there are at least 2 aisle of simply wedding stuff: headbands, veils, bouquet "bling", pew clips for flowers, guest books, ringbearer pillows, too much to describe.

    I can't say they have exactly what you want, but they have large selections of various things that are at least the same price as things online, usually cheaper, and you don't have to pay for shipping. It's also the kind of place that changes over it's stock every few months, so if you don't find what you want the first time you go in, go back in 3-4 months.

    They are open most nights until 8 pm, and on Saturdays. They are NOT open on Sunday unless they've changed their hours.

    I purchased lilly scented votive candles there and while the scent was obvious when it was placed in my home, I didn't notice it on the tables.

    If you go, allow 3-4 hours to walk through and see everything. Also, across the street is Heinreich's, Cake and Candy, and they have things for weddings ..... tons of cake toppers, things to assemble cakes (if you know anyone who does that), cake pans, candy making tools & forms for melted chocolate, plus chocolate and candy melts in dozens of colors. They also have a large selection of various sized boxes & favor containers.
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    I agree with PP that you should really try not to use the scented candles.  I'm allergic to them and so are other memebrs of my family.  It would be embarassing for me to go to a wedding and have my nose run all the way through dinner...plus have watery eyes and coughing.  Wouldn't be pleasant. 
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    Please do NOT use scented candles.  I went to a wedding with about 200 people attending, and they had 2-3 scented candles on every table.  The smell was so overwhelming, we could smell it before walking in the door.  After 20-40 minutes my head was pounding and I did not want to eat.  I love scented candles in my home, but that was just WAY too much.  You can always try white unscented with maybe colored ribbon tied around it, or patterned velum.  Good luck!
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    We debated scented as well but after trying them at home to see about the smell and burn time it was obvious they would NOT work.  The smell is overpowering.  It was a pretty smell but it was way to much.  Plus you want your guests to be able to smell the food and your flowers.  You should be able to purchase colored candles that are not scented.  I did a google search for longer lasting candles and came up with a lot of good sites.  
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    Thank you all for your advice!  You guys confirmed my initial thought that scented will probably be overpowering!  I had previously gone to Dealer's Discount in Center Line, which is what put me in this dilemma in the first place!  I had found the scented orange pillar candles for $2 there (cheap!!!) and was hoping I could get away with them.  Thanks for the reality check though... I needed it!
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