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So my venue does not provide the beer and liquor. My parents are paying for this for me, but I wanted to know if anyone knew where you can go to buy bulk alcohol? Or where you can get a good price on it? And also if there is a good way to calculate how much to get.

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    I would check Discount Drinks in Wyandotte.
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  • If you were more specific, it would help.

    By beer, do you mean kegs or bottles/cans? Kegs you can get at any liquor store.

    The price of liquor in Michigan is set by the Liquor Commission. Unlike other states that surround Michigan, there are no "deals", as liquor stores sell the same liquors at the same prices. I think I've read that Indiana and Illinois, maybe Ohio, have different rules. It really sucks. However, if you know anyone who is in, or was retired from, the military, you can get liquor at marked down prices (about 25%) at Selfridge Air Force base's liquor store. They'd need the ID issued by the armed services in order to get on base. I know this because Kevin is a vet and we've gone there a couple of times. For some reason liquor sold there is not priced by the state liquor commission.  

    For beer and wine, and "un-discounted" large bottles of liquor, I highly recommend Champane's Wine Cellars on 12 Mile Rd in Warren, just west of Van Dyke. We went there and they sell multiple types of beers, and wines from all over the world. We got all our wine there and the wine manager helped with our selection. We told him we wanted to average about $10 a bottle, and how many people were wine drinkers. We got a nice selection of reds, whites, a couple of dessert wines, and about 8 bottles of champagne out of a total of 24 bottles for $220. It took about an hour to make our selections. My guests raved about the wine, and many were serious wine drinkers.

    They have beer specials all the time, and sell the big jugs of various pre-mixed liquor drinks as well as big bottles of liquor, again, priced the same as every other liquor store in the state. They may have a larger selection though with larger bottles that other liquor stores don't have.

    I've also been told Trader Joe's has a nice selection of inexpensive wines, and I know Aldi's does.........Aldi's also has some faux Bailey's Irish Creams that are cheaper and different than other liquor stores.

  • We provided our own alcohol and priceshopped - we actually ended up getting a lot on sale at Meijer. (and compared the prices to Costco)

    Also - there are multiple tool calculators online, just google. However, my sister and I sat down and looked at the guest list. Remember: it's a wedding and drinks are free, so people tend to drink more. Good luck!
  • No help on specific stores but I have heard of places that will buy back any unopened bottles after the event, I would look for a place like that just so youre not stuck with a bunch of overflow.
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  • Thanks, all! This really gives me something to go on. I
  • Oxford Beverage in Grosse Pointe chills, delivers and refunds on anything unopened
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