Happy 4th of July everyone :)

What is everyone up to this week?


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    Hi Everyone!  I am finishing my thesis this week!  Hopefully by Friday, but it could be as late as Monday.

    WR things will wait until after my thesis is done.
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    BF went to the Salvation Army by him as they have 50% off clothing today.  He's coming over later for BBQ.
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    Well, right now I'm waiting for the fritatta to set... This week is all about the invites :) finish the belly bands and start addressing envelopes. Hope everyone has a happy 4th and a good week :)
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    Get back into the swing of things!  We'll probably be going to my parents house for a BBQ and fireworks tonight.  Then it's back to work tomorrow :(

    I need to tackle grocery shopping, all of the laundry from the HM, and start shopping for thank you cards and stamps.
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    Good afternoon and happy 4th of July!!!!

    Today I get off work in 24 minutes...not counting or anything... and then going home to hang out with FI.  We are grilling lots of yummy food and laying out in the sun with cold beverages. Can not wait. Maybe we will go for a walk too.

    WR: Scheduling engagement photos, scheduling tasting and our venue, signing the florist contract.

    NWR: Just work. Nothing super exciting here :)
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    Putting the invites in the mail!!!! It's so real!!!

    Tomorrow I start with a personal trainer to bust my butt until the wedding.  I want to get down another 5 pounds... If I can pull it off, it will be down 15. :) 

    FI and I spent the long weekend together, away from wedding and work stuff.  I feels great.  Tomorrow I'm back to the grindstone at work - it's finally picked up, and I'm going to be slammed between now and the wedding.
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