Does anyone remember...

... the crazy bridezilla from one episode of "The Cake Boss"? She wanted a black, funeral-esque cake and her mom was not having it so Buddy made her a cake
with draping and lilies and she totally distroyed it so he had to create a whole new one.

Well, I was looking at photographers blogs for inspiration pics and stumbed upon the same bridezilla's wedding photos. Looked like a beautiful wedding after all was said and done with poor Buddy

Re: Does anyone remember...

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    OMG, I felt so bad for him! She was a witch and when he went to deliver the new cake she wouldn't even look at it.

    Her wedding looked very expensive, but she looked like a crab in the pictures. Maybe I am just imagining that though, since I thought she was such a jerk, lol.

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  • jbasore1123jbasore1123 member
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    No, I thought the same thing about the pics
  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    Yeah, she was a beyotch.  Then she wouldn't even acknowledge how nice the new cake looked.

    ETA:  Homegirl should have been wearing a bra while getting ready.  Yikes!  Also I hated her shoes and the armband.  What was up with that?
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    ha ha she is a "fashion forecaster" so apparently she knows the trends before they happen.  I thought the same thing about the bra situation and the armband! 

    I also did't love her dress...that being said, I am not super trendy so maybe that's why. but it looked to me like a lot was going on...she wore it well though!

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    She sucks. She was such a bitch and she does look like a crab ass in all of her pics.
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    totally agree!
    i liked the bottom of her dress, although i thought the strap was odd placed.
    armband- odd.
    she didn't look happy, and didn't smile in any pictures! and there were pictures where she was looking away at the center attention (ie, groomsmen giving speech)

    She was SO rude on that show!! and probably some of it was played-up but STILL... the cake turned out beautiful! and i would die to have my cake and i featured on one of those shows!
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    I remember her!  And holy cow, anyone else think those bridesmaid dresses were way short?  I can't imagine trying to sit down in something like that!
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    that 'armband' looks suspiciously like a garter to me.  fashion forecaster my foot.  I think she is trying to seem like she's doing something forward andtrendy and different, but it probably was just itchy or something so she put it on her arm. 

    and who in their right might paints the soles of Christian Louboutins????  part of their appeal is the red sole!!! 

    even though she probably didn't appreciate it, the cake is very pretty.  :)
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  • crhein26crhein26 member
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    I remember her and wanting to jump through the tv just to smack her! 

    I for one didn't like her style at all.  I didn't like her BM dresses, her dress, or her shoes.  And I agree with emarston1....where a bra bridezilla!
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