What do you have planned this week?


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    Placecards, programs, pulling together all the last minute details & getting in some pampering with a haircut, facial, mani & pedi. I'm also trying to avoid having daily panic attacks...so bittersweet that this is my last week of wedding planning!!!!
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    I've been trying to teach myself calligraphy. I'm using metallic envelopes. I had a lot of trouble with calligraphy pens, but I've decided that a regular ballpoint pen works fine. It's not as professional, but cuter than my regular handwriting!

    We also booked our trip to Montreal for FI's interview to get his K1 visa in March. I'm trying to get him to book our honeymoon flight to Vegas. We normally do Spirit's "big front seat" and I'm afraid they're going to sell out!

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