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New York-Hudson Valley

What's the average price for a good make-up artist in Hudson Valley?

I see Christine from Color Makeup Studio mentioned a lot on this board. I've reached out to her and she is available on my date. But I'm trying to get a sense of whether her services are high-priced or about average for the region. So I was wondering if you ladies would mind sharing which makeup studio/artist you went with and what they charged? If you're not comfortable sharing that type of info on the board but would be willing to share in a PM, that would be appreciated as well. :)

Re: What's the average price for a good make-up artist in Hudson Valley?

  • Like pp I also found Christine to be the most reasonable. $110 for the bride which included lashes.
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    Simply flawless faces was around $250 and that included the bride, 2 bm and the mob.
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  • I'm using JK Flashy, she does a free trial, and I'm paying for my girls' makeup, mom and myself which adds up to 7 people, and I'm paying $900 for everyone.
  • Thanks everyone, you've given me some great and affordable options to check out!

    Vickytoria, when I first read your post quickly (before having my morning coffee), for a split second I read "the mob" as THE mob (mafia) and had to do a double take before I was like, duh, mother of the bride lol
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