HAIR Dresser needed!!!


I am in a pinch. I don't have a hair dresser to do my hair. My normal hair lady is my mom and theres no way she can do my hair on the day of the wedding, it will be too stressful for her and we may argue over it.

I am super picky about my hair and I have a ton of it so it's not easy to put into an updo. I already did two trials and they didnt turn out well. I really dont want to keep paying for trials when my wedding is 4 weeks away. Here's the other issue, I need to find someone that will come to me because I have too many people to go to a salon and we have other hair dressers lined up for the bridal party at my house. I need serious referrals, not just your normal girl that cuts your hair, somewhat local to royal oak! I need someone who enjoys updo's, has been doing it for awhile, and is good at it :) LEt me know if you know of anyone!!!

Re: HAIR Dresser needed!!!

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    I went to Iconic in Royal Oak and had my hair done for my wedding by Lauren. She really did a great job. I'm not sure, but it might be worth calling to see if she could come to you?

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    I'd call Bianchi's in Royal Oak and see if they can make a recommendation. Stephanie, who works there, is in business with her sister Jen at Deaux Adore. She did my hair in an updo in back, and Jenn does the makeup. I can't say she is an "expert", but they do have pics on their blogspot and Facebook pages. Stephanie and Jen did come to my house.



    While probably not the best example, here is the back of my hair, done by Stephanie.

    I was happy with my hair do, because it was exactly what I wanted. The reason I say to call Bianchi's though, is become they may have someone who is known as an "expert", and they are in Royal Oak.

    Hope you can find someone this close to your wedding day.
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    We had Bridesmaid Beautiful do our updos.  They are out of Shelby Twp. or Sterling Heights and do on location hair and make-up...we had them travel to Novi. 
    They are also incredibly quick, with 2 people they did 6 updos and an airbursh make-up application in less than 2 hours.  My hair held up until that night when I took it out.
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    Where are you at?
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    Royal oak is where I live but for the trial I already went out to clinton township so I will go elsewhere for the trial...

    Thanks ladies, I actually got referred to both deux adore and bridemaid beautiful  by my DOC and I am emailing to determine a trial appointment. I will probably try both of them (even though it's expensive). I am glad to hear local referrals for them. Thanks again
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    I've been told 6 Salon in Royal Oak and Birmingham is really great for bridal hair and makeup.
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