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Hey there!  looking for some recommendations for photographers that have done same sex weddings or are extremely comfortable with the idea!  Quite hard to find in Michigan currently!!  ANY help is appreciated...currently going to set up an appointment with Amanda Williams, but thought I would see if anyone knew of any more!  Thanks!!

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    My photographer, Derek Cookson has definitely done several same sex wedding and engagment shoots. He has some of the shots in his regular website and you can find the full blogs if you search or ask him. He's is extremely laid back and easy to work with. Just google Derek Cookson and you will find his site and blog.
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    I'm going with Mike O'Neil. I know him personally and I'm sure he would have no problem with a same sex marriage. Here is his website: http://www.michael-oneil.com/home/ Congrats :)
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    I Have Amanda Willimas booked and I think she is great. She has such a great fun attitude and I def think she will make you feel comfortable.
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    Amy Pruder was very comfortable around my cousin and his husband - she actually got many great shots of them dancing and whatnot (I let her know that they were engaged at my wedding and that I wanted some photos of them as well).


    I would hope that any photograhper would be comfortable and produce the same outstanding quality for you though. Best of luck!
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! We ended up going with Amanda Williams...we clicked with her personality right away!
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