Nest issue...

I get this message when I try to create or reply to a post on The Nest...

Your account is pending approval
You need to verify your email. Go to your User Profile where you can send an email to verify your address.

I've never had this problem before and have posted for almost a year on The Nest, but for some reason I can post here.

What do I need to do? It says to send a email to verify my address, but there isn't anywhere that I can find to do that. Can anyone help an old Knottie :)

Re: Nest issue...

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    Huh. Theknot/nest/bump sites are having technical issues - that's soooo unusual....lol!
    (obviously sarcasm)

    I'm guessing its on their end, not yours.
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    whrldtravlrwhrldtravlr member
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    Rachel, I have that issue on TN almost every other day. If you find a solution, please share! I usually just end up verifying my email for them and all is well that day.
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    moeoscarmoeoscar member
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    I figured as much. Thanks for the input ladies :)
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    mink492mink492 member
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    This is popping up on some Nest boards:

    Hi everyone,

    We know many of you are encountering a prompt that says "Please verify your account" even if you are an active member. We are working on resolving this error and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. So sorry for the inconvenience!

    Thank you for your patience!
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