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Constantly updating guest list

Does anyone else find themselves constantly updating their guest lists? Between my cousins, FI's friends and one of his brothers, it's getting a little ridculous and I can't help but laugh at myself whenever I update it.

Is it wrong that I update it as soon as I find out about a break-up/new relationship? Anyone else do this?

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Re: Constantly updating guest list

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    I haven't been updating my guest list for relationships but I bet you will thank yourself later that you've been keeping up with all the relationship changes. We have been adding more friends though.
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    Yes! I do this too :)
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    Definitely guilty!  I think I'm just proud of the spreadsheet I made (it automatically updates the cost of the wedding based on the maximum guests).  I'm not great with Excel so it was a proud accomplishment.
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    I find my parents are mentioning "Oh you should invite so and so" every now and then so I have to add another person, track down their mailing address & add them to the guest list. Save the dates are going out in a few weeks though so there will be no more guest list changes. :)
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    I was a lot before I sent out the save the dates although we did at 2 people other than that i am not editing that thing again lol 

    TTC starting 8/2014 :)
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    I feel like my save-the-dates were pointless! LOL i sent a bunch oute (I got them through walmart so no bigs) but My list keeps GROWING!!!! I have a huge family I need to complete my list... again
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