How much for wedding album?

My husband and I are on the fence about ordering a wedding photo album.  We both really want one, but are struggling with the thought of spending such a large amount of money on it.

Did you or are you going to get one?  If so, how much are you spending?

Ours through our photographer is $1000 for a 12x12 album with 34 sides.  That will be about 150 pictures.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How much for wedding album?

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    That seems like A LOT.  Are you getting rights to your pictures? Because if you are you can just make an album yourself. 

    My photographer included a coffee table book of our photos (30-35 pages) in our package.  Our package, which includes 6-7 hrs of coverage, unlimited photos, a high res disc of all our pictures and the book is only $1825. So $1000 seems like a ton to me just for an album.
    June 16, 2012
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    That's about what ours cost.
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    If you have the rights to your photos, I would highly suggest you not order the album and make one yourself.  Our photographer included a 20 page album in our package, but then tried to sell us a 60 page album for $2,000.  We made it for $70 through iPhoto (available on most Macs) and it looks professional.  There are other cheaper photo sites like Snapfish, but the quality of the books isn't as good. 

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    Mine is included in my package, but I image it's costing about that given how much the photog is overall.

    I agree with Zula on making your own if you can. I just used Snapfish for our guest book, using our engagement photos, and it turned out great! If that was my only option for a wedding album, I'd do it.

    If you don't have the rights, ask what it would cost to buy them but not buy an album. Maybe that's slightly cheaper. If not, I feel like I'd still buy an album from the photographer. After paying all that money, I'd want something besides the digital images to look through. FWIW, I still pull my parents' wedding album out, 35+ years later. If anything, to laugh at my dad's paisley tux!
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    I agree about purchasing print rights and making your own.  We will be making a large photo album and 2 smaller albums for our parents through the Kodak website for about $100 for all 3.  
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    We used mypublisher and got a great looking album (flush mount, lay flat pages, etc.) for about $150.  I don't think I could justify spending that much on a photo album.  But that's just me :)
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    I got the rights to our pics from our photographer, and made my own on Costco's website, leather bound, it was about $35 (with coupon) for 8 x 12 pages, you can use full pages, they have pre-set templates, etc. Additional pages were $1.39 (I think).
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    My photographer said ours will cost $600-$700.  I want a nice album...something classy that I can keep and will look nice forever.  So, while it's a lot, we're ordering one.
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    If you print one on your own, I suggest using AdoramaPix.  They are a little more expensive than something like Snapfish, but they make great albums, and they have the option of the thick cardboard pages like many professional albums have.  I was really happy with mine.
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