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    Vent: I'm really annoyed/bummed by the academic advising at OU. However, after bugging them via e-mail multiple times they finally suggested I check out 2 links, which ended up answering my question. It just really bugs me that the answer took 2 seconds, and would be so much faster/easier for them instead of constantly telling me to make an appointment (next available date is January 31, and TODAY is the day to drop classes for 100% refund) when I've told them I can't get the time off work. 

    Confession: I haven't been doing well with my weight loss. I'm basically at where my body wants me to be (On average, I eat somewhat healthy and sometimes work out), but I WANT to lose some weight because I was thinner 2 months ago on my wedding day, lol I just am lacking motivation!
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    Confession: I'm terrified that I won't start understanding one of my classes and I'll end up failing it. Even though I have a study group and a tutor...it's just not clicking. It doesn't help that the prof is flighty and makes it more confusing! 

    Vent: My grandma basically raised me and she's being a raging biotch about my mother(her daughter). In almost every conversation she brings it up "You aren't inviting her right, because it would make everyone uncomfortable" Grrrr. I don't even know if I want her there but I don't want it to be her choice. 
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    Confession: I have had mo motivation to really work on anything for the wedding. There are so many DIY projects I need to start and I just don't really care right now.

    Vent: I can never get enough sleep and it's really irritating, I hate constantly being tired.
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    [QUOTE]This is more of an lol vent - we got the plate for our new car last night...and it very clearly spells the word SEX....I nearly passed out from laughing! But now I have to go to SOS, ugh! Milsey, I'm with you on the weight thing. I haven't changed any habits since the wedding, but I've gained 5 lbs and its pissing me off. I think it was sheer stress that made me lose the weight.
    Posted by rcj2rcd[/QUOTE]

    <div>1) HILARIOUS. about the plate (but annoying to go to the SOS)</div><div>2) 2-3 weeks before the wedding I was so stressed that I lost my appetite (and therefore lost weight). I'm a big eater and that's never happened before so it's not surprising I lost weight. (Just disappointing I gained it back). </div>
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    Vent: My shower is this weekend and of course I am supposed to start my period that day UGH, and Saturday is my first dress fitting...GREAT...nothing like being bloated like a whale. 

    Confession: I am starting to panic about wedding things, it feels like we're in fast forward and I have nothing done
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    I confess that I'm having a terrible time picking out a honeymoon destination. We've landed on somewhere in the Caribbean, and I have a few islands I'm eyeing, but I'm having an equally hard time finding a resort that matches the one we stayed at in Cabo a couple years ago. Is it bad that I sort of just want to go back there? (the other part of this is we scored a killer deal on that trip, so the truth is I'm having trouble finding a place that matches in luxury that also matches in "killer deal")

    First world problems, fo sho.
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    MT - that's annoying as heck!! I totally understand that it's not about the money anymore, but that she is being poopy and taking forever.
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