I am looking for transportation in the Pontiac area.

I need a 12-15 passenger van to and from reception and hotel.

I am also looking for a 10 passenger van for the wedding party that will go to and from the reception hall to the church.

Please let me know if you guys know of any cheaper ways to do this.

reception to hotel is 10 minutes, reception to church is 15 minutes.



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    Do you have a budget? Do you know approx the amount of time you will need for each? I used Millenium Limo - they were awesome! Very clean, professional, and on time. www.limogiant.com
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    dmsuggitdmsuggit member
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    We would like it to be less then $200

    That is the thing we are not sure how to go about renting it for what hours.

    I would like to be driven to the church, reception, hotel but you are talking from 5:30pm to 1:30am. That is 8 hours which will probably be really pricey.
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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    If your budget is $200 your best bet might be to just rent a passenger van from a rental car agency and have a friend drive.  You will not be able to find something for 8 hours for under $200.
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