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Choosing Wedding Party Participants

Originally my fiance and I were each going to choose 4 people for a total of 8. However when one of the potential bridesmaids found out I was engaged all she could say was "are you pregnant?" and then continued to make terrible remarks about me. Mind you this potential BM is a cousin who lives far away and we hardly keep in contact anymore. After the terrible conversation I don't want to have her part of the party, but my fiance has alreay firmly picked his 4. Should I still ask her to be apart of it to keep numbers equal or should we just try to narrow his picks down to 3? Any advice would help.

Re: Choosing Wedding Party Participants

  • Pick the people that you are closest to.  I am having 6 and he is having three.  If someone has to double up, oh well.  I wouldn't want to have to deal with her drama.
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  • I told my friend I was engaged and she was supposed to be a bridesmaid as well.  She said "If youre pregnant I will kill you..." and "I hate that mans guts"....Meanwhile she has still, to this day not met him!  Needless to say she is NOT a bridesmaid.  Cheer up!!
  • It's honestly just a number. You should pick the people you want and not worry about being even. I'm having 4 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids. It will work out.
  • No, asking if you are pregnant my have miffed you but insulting you is totally unacceptable! If you don't have anyone else that can stand up with you uneven sides is not a big problem.
  • Thank you! Yea it upset me. I would really like even sides (wer're both kind of weird about that a need things to match and be even all the time). I'm sure we will figure something out! But yes she will definitely not be in it!
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