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4/21/12 BRIDES, where are you @???

Feels like it's going to take forever to get there, but let's all make each other feel better knowing that there are other brides out there feeling the same way.

1year and 4months to go!!!

What have you done already as far as planning?

I have the venue for the ceremony and reception booked.  I have my colors picked, sangria & silver.  We have booked the dj, photo booth, and our enegagement pictures for the month of Feb.

I have my wedding party already decided.

Re: 4/21/12 BRIDES, where are you @???

  • HERE!!!!!

    We have a lot done but it seems like so much more to do! Venue, wedding planner, both engagement photo shoot dresses and wedding dress set. I have two veils I'm attempting to decide between. I am attempting to schedule a tasting with the caterer before the first of the year and we should have the photographer set by the first of the year.

    I feel like we are doing so much, but I'm nervous because the first set of bridal shows start next month.

    Are you finding a lot of deals out there with planning so early?
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  • 4-21-12 is my wedding date ... and if it makes u ladies feel any better, I haven't done really much of anything, but then again we are having a Vegas wedding, so there's not too much involved. 
    I'm just taking the next few months to brainstorm and get ideas.  On 4-21-11, is our engagement dinner, then after that is when I plan to get down to business.
    What made u ladies choose the 4-21-12 wedding date??
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    I had originally picked 10/15/11 but we had to change it due to his mom being out of the country around that date.  We didn't want to push it too far into the colder months like Nov or Dec.  I've always wanted a Spring wedding so we decided on April.  We didn't want to do Easter weekend or Tax Due Date weekend so we decided on 4/21/12.  I'm just counting down when we are a year away, I can't wait!!!

    I've been able to grab the date that I want with our venue because of the early planning.  So far the extra time is allowing us to save more money and giving me more time to come up with ideas.
  • We originally booked our venue for 4/23/11, but due to a financial hiccup, we needed to postpone the wedding.  Fortunately, our venue was very flexible and we were able to transfer our original deposit.  I have my bridal party, theme, and as of last weekend, our photographer.

    This time last year, I remember feeling like April of 2011 felt so far away, but this past year has actually flown by.  Hopefully, the next year will fly by too.
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  • I wanted Spring and his favorite number is 21. He'll never be able to forget it!

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  • We just sent out our contract for our reception venue and we have a church and photographer chosen, just no contract yet. That's the next step along with getting a contract with a DJ. Once we get those down I'm probably going to wait until I graduate in May to do anything else, just to avoid the stress. Our colors are purple and green (like white grapes kinda green) :D. Oh! And I've narrowed down my gown choices to two..that's going to be a toughy..
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  • YAY for 4/21/12!

    Originally I picked May 5th, 2012 but the venue told me I would say around $15,000 if I did it two weeks earlier! Insane right???? So April 21st was born!

    I actually am so happy we decided on that date! We got engaged April 15th, 2010 and my birthday is April 9th! He will never neglect important dates since they are all in the same month!

    I have my venue booked, church booked, wedding party completed, and colors selected. I started wedding dress shopping but my Kleinfelds appointment is Feb 5th!

    I personally think 4/21/12 is probably the best date ever! Go us :)

  • Right here!!! Great date!
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  • Well ladies we are now moving into 2011, which means we will be that much closer to our day!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!!
  • HERE : ) : ) : )
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