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Is it normal...

for the bridal party to take FOREVER with sending back their RSVPs and blocking hotel rooms? I know they will be there, so should I just forget about the RSVP and mark them down for yes?
Every wedding I've been in I always sent back the RSVP right away....

Re: Is it normal...

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    The hotels with my group have been a mixed bag...  Half of the bridesmaids took care of it right away, half are taking their sweet a$$ time.  And the groomsmen ALL, of course, fall into the latter category. ;-)  I wouldn't stress, they'll be there!

    But for your own sanity - Maybe to hurry them up a little, you could remind them that the block rate will be ending soon and if they don't book in the block, they'll have to pay a higher price for their room? That's what I plan to do in the next couple of weeks myself...

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    Thanks so much. I did remind them, but I didn't mention price. Also, yesterday I found out there are two other couples who blocked rooms at the same hotel for their wedding, so it will most likely be tough to get a room after the block is up... in two weeks!!
    I'll get on them again today  :)
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    I only had two out of state bridesmaids (the locals didn't stay)...but they booked quickly.

    Yes, I would remind them...and let them know it is ending soon and you found out that there are two other brides so that when your date is up, there most likely will not be rooms left.
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    We just booked a couple of extra rooms under our name and then when people came to us freaking about the hotel being fully booked, we transferred the room into their name. Be sure to check the cancellation policy, though. In our case, we could cancel the rooms up until 24 hours before the wedding, so if we didn't wind up needing the room, we wouldn't even incur a fee.
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    When I asked one of my bridesmaids where her RSVP was told me she wasnt sending it back because she wanted to keep it! LOL 
    She said duhhh its a given I am going to be there lol
    But we also didnt have a room block
    I wiould just give them a little reminder

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    I wouldn't worry about the bridal party RSVP'ing, obviously they will be coming :)
    I would, however, send them a polite reminder about the final date they can book rooms as part of your room block, and I'd be sure to mention that two other couples also have blocks so it might be hard to book a room after that.
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    Thanks everyone!
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