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Hey Ladies,

FI and I adopted a 6 month old cat. He needs to be neutered and apparently had his first round of shots but I have no proof of it, so the poor guy will probably have to go thru it all again    :(  Can you guys recommend a vet or clinic in the Orange County area?

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Re: NWR:Vet Recommendation

  • kittykat956kittykat956 member
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    I use Goosepond Animal hospital in Monroe because they have a vet that has cavaliers and specializes in them. So far they have been great. There is a girl vet there that I am not a big fan of but any of the men are wonderful. There is also a vet in Middletown. I don't know what the name of the practice is but his name is Dr. Joshua Furman and I have heard nothing but amazing things about him. It has crossed my mind many times to try taking Bella there but I haven't. Either place would be a good choice. Good Luck!
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    We always brought our pets to ANI-MAL, right off of Rt 17 (I think 1 exit past exit 120)

    877 Route 17M
    Middletown, NY 10940

    (845) 361-3600
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    My FI goes to Flannery in New Windsor on Route 300.  They really like it there or Petsmart (Banfield) is pretty cheap.  I go in Rockland to North Rockland Animal Hospital.  They are awesome but it's in Rockland! HTH
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    The Goshen Animal Hospital in Goshen. They're on Route 17M. It's not the new red building near the golf range, but a little father down towards Chester. It's a tan building. There's just one vet there and he's been there since the early 80's so he's really experienced. All of his clients are word of mouth. His prices are really reasonable compared to a lot of other vets in the area and he doesn't nickel and dime you, which is huge!
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    mshlk1- i had called Goshen Animal hospital and they were super friendly and helpful over the phone. They are top of my list :)
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    My cousin uses Flannery and loves it, and I take our dog to Otterkill Animal Hospital on Maybrook Road and like it.
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    If you are any where near New Windsor, use Hudson Valley Veteranery (sp).  Dr. Martinisi is FANTASTIC.  Treats each animal as if they were her own.   My parents have used her for 25 years.
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