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Becoming ordained?

Hi Girls, we would like a family member to marry us.  I've done some online research and it's said go to the Universal Life Church website to become ordained for free.  It just seems odd to me that all you need to do is fill out an internet website form to be able to marry someone, so I was just wondering what others have done.  Thanks!

Re: Becoming ordained?

  • The government can't really decide who's "really" a minister of religion and what's "really" a church. Thus the strange stuff you've read.

    Some states and counties have decided just filling out an internet form is too little. Call the people who will issue your marriage license and ask for the requirements in that jurisdiction.
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    We are doing this, but had a bit of a catch. Wisconsin will allow an online-ordained minister, but since our officiant lives in Illinois, we also had to get a "letter of good standing" signed by a member of the church in Wisconsin. ULC sells an out of state officiant package, so that covered us.

    Call the clerk of courts (usually that's who issues the marriage license) and ask them what the requirements are.
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  • If you look up your county government it should be on their website around where they have the information for obtaining a marriage license. I know a bunch of people about 10 years older than me who were ordained like that. I know in the late 90s/early 00s it was a trend and pretty much everyone would pop online and be a "minister" within minutes. I think because of that, they started making laws to prevent it.
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