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Administrative fees and taxes? how to calculate

I just received my contract from our venue and it occurred to me that the we were charged the MA taxes first -approx.($1,000) of the total of our package ($13,000) which includes police detail etc... then the administrative fees (20%) over the total of the package ($14,000). Is this correct? I was under the impression the admin. fees (20%) are not to include the taxes. The admin. fees are 20% of your total package only!!!
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Re: Administrative fees and taxes? how to calculate

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    I would think that it should only be on your package and not on the taxes but that is me guessing.  Maybe it was an oversight on their part.
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    Hmm...our venue is charging the 20% admin fee on top of our event minimum, and then they are calculating taxes on the total event minimum+admin fee. Either way it comes out to the same cost for you, but the way they are allocating it you pay less taxes and more to them in admin fees.
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    I can't seem to get the numbers to match up. I would rather pay 6.25% of like $13,00 then 20% of $14,000. I've been banging my head with a calculator since last night. I just emailed the coordinator and asked them to look over it once again!
    this is frustrating!
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