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    Dear Boss,

    you hired someone to take over some of my work load since it was clearly to much for one person,but you hired an airhead.All she does is ask me a million questions about what she is supposed to be doing after i have told her a million and one times,she comes in late every morning and comes back atleast 20 min's late from lunch.She walks aroung talking and not doing what she is supposed to so i  end up doing the work anyways.Please hire someone with a little bit of a brain.

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    woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    Dear Bosses,
    Please make up your minds where you want me to work! You were going to close the building, so I moved to another one. Then you wanted me to move back to the first building, but OOPS, that's definitely going to close now, so please pack up 15-20 years worth of paperwork, equipment, files and supplies from both of the buildings I've been in this year and take them all to yet a third building. Please just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!
    Thinking you're all just a pain in my a** and you need to help me move some boxes!
    It's not like these buildings are even in the same town!
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    tstegertsteger member
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    If you pay for a service....and for some reason that service does not meet your needs and you feel the need to blow your lid on complaints once a month, why do you still give us your money? 
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