I posted this on Friday, but you probably didn't see it...I do not post much on here...but I am a secret stalker and read just about everything...I wanted you to know, you are the reason me and the FI got our engagement pics done with Rachel. She is super nice and hilarious!!! Your pics are soooooo good!!! As soon as I saw them I contacted Rachel. I noticed you said you bought the rights to your pics for $500.00. Did you buy the rights to only the pics she picked or all of the pictures she took? She took a million...I would love to have them all, even if they are not photoshopped!!!P.S. I am in love with your wedding dress....I soooo wish I could wear it!!!

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    HI HUN!!!Why thank you for all the comments! :) Rachel is perfection in a tiny body-- I love her to death!  I will be purchasing the whole lot for $500.  It's kind of alot of money, but really, I didn't pay for the session, so it evens out (in my mind, at least).  I just can't pay for it right now with the wedding coming up so fast.  I'm so glad you went with Rachel, though--- she's fabulous.
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    She really is...unfortunately she won't be shooting our wedding.  I asked her to come as a guest and just so happen to get some pics in...but I know that won't flyThat makes me happy that you get them all!!!  It is alot of money, I paid for the session...but I really want them all!!!
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