STD details (2 questions)...

1) I see pretty often that the STD lists the city of the wedding at the bottom.  Is it supposed to be the ceremony location or the reception location?2) If the hotel block and the reception are at the same hotel, is there a good way to word this?  Basically my STD will be an accommodations card with a magnet attached, so I want to somehow write that this hotel would be best to use b/c the reception is there.Thanks!
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Re: STD details (2 questions)...

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    What about "Reception to follow at XYZ"  Then maybe put rooms reserved at XYZ and let the guests do the math?
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    i'm sailing the same boat at ekobs. sorry- can you tell I miss summer? ;)
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    We wrote " We have reserved a block of rooms at our reception site the Salem Waterfront Hotel. To inquire about a room please call the hotel at......." HTH! Can't wait to see how your STD's come out!
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