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Mariott New Roc vs. Radisson

I am planning on maybe visitng/getting info on both of these hotels. What I am really wondering about is the next day brunch and if anyone know how it is? Like if the food is good? We may do it for the out of towners.

Did anyone/is anyone also saying at the hotel the night of their wedding or are you going home? Just wondering this because my mom was saying we should probably all stay esp. if we have the brunch so we don't have to drive back in the morning.

I was also thinking about how many rooms, and maybe to assume that some local people may want to stay? You never know...including my family plus out of towners I alreeady up to 12 rooms so I'm thinking maybe 15 to be safe?

Do they require any money from us for the blocking?

The two I am wondering about our the Mariott at New Roc City and the Radisson New Rochelle. If anyone has any info/suggestions that would be great!

 Thanks :)
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Re: Mariott New Roc vs. Radisson

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    I looked into the Marriott NewRoc and it was way more expensive than the Radisson. I would recommend blocking more rooms than you think you will need.  They say you can block up to 20 at Marriott. They just remodeled the place. When I went in Jan. for my Aug. wedding they only let me block 5 rooms because they were pretty booked. You don't have to pay anything. I would do it as soon as possible because they go fast. If people don't use them then they just let them go a month before the wedding. I would suggest going in person they seemed to be more helpful in person.  HTH!   
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