The Stevens Estate, North Andover, MA?????

Planning my wedding for fall of next year or spring 2011 - meet with Laura from Steven's Estate at a Bridal show - Love the looks of everything! Has anyone been or getting married here? Love to see pictures, any advice, comments, etc.

Re: The Stevens Estate, North Andover, MA?????

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    ekobrenski is getting married there next year- i'm sure she'll have plenty of info.
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    I used to work there as a college student and always loved it there. If it were big enough for us, I'd definitely go there. There used to be a bad chef there, but from what I've heard she's gone. Laura is incredibly detail-oriented and will have every little thing perfect for you, I'm sure!
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    Yup, I'm getting married there. Now, you have a choice of three caterers. I love love love my caterer Simply Elegant. They are seriosuly probably one of the best vendors I've worked with. Laura is really good. Overall, I went with them bc they offered the most for the price, and the tent and tables were included so theee was less to worry about. I also really liked the ceremony site. I'm sure laura gave you this, but I have a slideshow in my bio of another wedding. under venue. Let me know if you have q's about anything else. Tell Laura I recommended SE :)
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    great thanks girls! ill definately check out that slide show. i havent met with laura on a one to one basis, just at the wedding show the other night. i have many quesitons for her. what did you order for food from your caterer?
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    I havent finalized since my wedding isn't until June, but the package we picked comes with two meal choices and a carving station, two stationary hors deovres, and I think either three or four passed hor d'oevres. Also salad and rolls, etc. I got rid of the carving station bc I have an issue with an animal being carved apart in the middle of my wedding lol, but I guess they are pretty popular. I'm def getting the sirloin in port wine reduction as on of my entrees and then either a chicken or fish. For app, we're most likely doing a mediterranean stationary (not sure about the other one). I LOVE sliders, so probably those and then some tapas style (scallops in saffron, etc). They're very reasonably priced.
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    The Stephen's Estate is definitely on my short list. It is so charming and just different from the "wedding factories." If you want to see some pictures; when we met with our photgrapher he showed us some photos from a couple weddings he shot there. I think a few of them are on his website, you can look at
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    Hey there! I am getting married at the Stevens Estate as well. So far Laura has been great. I love the flexibility that the estate offers and the caterer that I met with is also great (A Day to Remember). Laura mentioned that they tend to work with Simply Elegant and A Day to Remember the most. Let me know if you have any specific questions or what not. I'd be happy to help!
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