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Does anyone have any comments on regular makeup vs airbrush?  All of the pictures I see online of brides w/ airbrushed makeup look flawless but is it worth the extra money? 

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for airbrush makeup artists?  I am getting married in the Sturbridge area.  I've contacted Makeup Artistry by Christy, which has excellent reviews, but starting in 2013 they are implementing a 3-person minimum for both in-salon and location and I don't think my BMs will be getting airbrushed.  TIA!

Re: Airbrush Makeup

  • I am a cosmetologist, And we do the Temptu airbrushing. It is a light weight makeup and looks amazing. Do it! I will be and I use it for all events I go to. I should have used it for my engagement photos but didn't.

    As far as the 3 person minimum, ask them if you book now for 2013 can you be grandfathered in for the 1 person. Give them a deposit if you have to..

    Most Salons will be accommodating
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  • I did regular make-up and was very happy with it. But, except for a little redness I don't have problem skin, so I didn't really need it and I was happy to save the money.
  • I'm going to be doing airbrush this fall for my wedding.  I have some acne scar spots and it hid them really well.  
    I'm using SERAi, who is based out of RI.  The airbrush isn't too much more ($15, I think) and at least when I book them they didn't have a per person minimum or an extra charge for just one person.
  • I used Caitlin Murphy and can't say enough great things about her. She is not only amazing at what she does but she's also such a sweet and funny person. She did my hair and makeup and brought in other girls to do hair and makeup for my bridesmaids. It's not that much more than regular makeup and so worth it. It doesn't budge....through crying and dancing it was perfect. I would just ask your bridesmaids if they're interested. That's what I did and everyone wanted it. Plus it was so fun all getting ready together. Good luck!
  • I am getting airbrush make-up by Christy & Co... You may want to ask your BM's if they would want to do it. I didn't think my girls wanted to do it at all but I figured I'd ask anyway and all 3 of them wanted to. Plus, my mom and stepmother wanted to get it done as well. Airbrush lasts much longer than regular make-up and if you have oily skin, it helps keep your skin dry. I would look around but definitely talk with your bridal party and mother before making assumptions... they may surprise you :)
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