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Weekend's over, welcome back...

How was everyone's holiday? Do anything special? Did you go out for BF? Where did you go and what did you get?? What'd you do the rest of the weekend???


Re: Weekend's over, welcome back...

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    I hate mondays :(

    Thurs we went to my moms for thanksgiving with my Husbands family aswell,
    Fri i went black Friday Shopping & ended up with the stomache bug which was no fun,so i got what i wanted at the store and spent the rest of the night in bed.

    Sat i felt better so the Hubby & I got a kitten,we spent the rest of the day playing with him & then out to El Bandido for dinner.
    Yday i went shopping with my mom to get the kitty a few things and get a few more things for xmas.
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    We visited FI's family near Syracuse/Utica for Thanksgiving, then came back Friday morning because FI had to work Friday afternoon. 

    Then my Mom came out to Philly and we went dress shopping on Fri and Sat - and found my dress which I posted on another thread!  My Mom left Sunday morning and I spent the day doing homework. 

    So even though I had time off work it ended up being a really busy long weekend and I feel like I need another break already!  Luckily classes will be over for me after this week and don't start again until January so I'll just have work to worry about, not class.
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    Thanksgiving was good. I asked my brother to walk me down the aisle and he said yes! YAY!.

    I went to Kohls, Target and the Westchester on Black Friday. I got our Xmas tree, barbie, clothes. Half Blood Prince dvd for 5.99, ornaments, decorations, work clothes.

    We hung out on Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to some bar in Congers with his friend and his wife. It was ok.
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    Thanksgiving - We watched the parade and went to my aunts for dinner. It was nice to spend time with my side of the family. We also picked our names for secret santa.

    Friday - Woke up at around 6. Made coffee. Started going through circulars. Didn't know if I'd venture out or not. Just leisurely reading. Saw lots of things at great prices that I need for the apartment. Saw Christmas tree shops coupon for 20% off everything only until 9am! Saw it at about 7:30. Jumped up, showered, dressed and was out the door in about 25 minutes. Went to CTS and got lots of items. Then over to BBB to save another 20%! Stopped by Panara bread because I realized I hadn't eaten any breakfast. Then on to K.Mart. Everything, except one, was for the apartment. Next year, I'll  try to buy for other people!

    Saturday - Returned two items I bought on Friday and used the money to buy toys for the toy drive at my job. Then in the evening we went to church and after that a surprise 30th birthday for my brother.

    Sunday - Spent a very enjoyable leisurly morning reading the paper. Went grocery shopping in the afternoon and had dinner with his family. Kinda like a belated Thanksgiving, but we had pasta instead of turkey. But it was nice to eat together with his side.

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    Thursday- watched the parade then went to Queens to spend the day with DH's family, had a ton of fun as usual

    Friday- worked black friday 9-5, then had leftovers at my moms

    Saturday-worked 1-10

    Sunday- cleaned, put out some christmas stuff inside the house and hit up the mall for some gifts, it was quiet which was so nice.  I went to Macy's, NY & Co and Hallmark.
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