How many pounds of M&Ms?

Hi, has anyone filled the little favor bags with M&Ms?  I wasn't intending to do a favor (donation route instead) but saw black & gold M&Ms and am considering putting them in the little bags you get at Michael's but have no idea how many pounds I would need for approx. 125 guests.  Anyone have a way to estimate? 

Re: How many pounds of M&Ms?

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    how about buying a set of the bags - or one if you can for a sample - filling it with M&Ms, bring it to the fruit section of the grocery store to measure the weight of the bag and M&Ms together then multiply it by 125 people to get the total weight  of M&Ms you need for your favors...GL :)
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    When I got them a while back off of the m&m website for a company outing I bought them already in the favor bag and I believe they were 1.75 oz.  So when you do all the math it comes out to almost 14lbs.

    1.75 x 125=218.75

    218.75 divided by 16 = 13.672

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you!

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    We filled we used about 8 lbs to fill 130 apartif glasses.  I thought that 5 lbs would be plenty (we ordered personalized  M&M's online) but it only filled about 80 glasses.  I ened up going to the candy store to get more colored M&M's.  Probably another 3 lbs worth over 3 trips! 
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