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Aruba Hotels (Riu, Divi) Get horrible reviews?

I read on these forums about RIu and Divi being excellent hotel choices (all inclusive) for Aruba. The issue I am having is Trip Advisor and other reviews on Kayack etc. are giving them thumbs down and the reviews are recent. ANy help greatly appreciated in making a final hotel decision. Thanks

Re: Aruba Hotels (Riu, Divi) Get horrible reviews?

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    riab85riab85 member
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    hey!! we're doing the divi divi all inclusive in august for our honeymoon... i went through the same thing that you're going through. my parents actually went last summer for their 30th anniversary and raved about it.
     its a low rise so its not jam packed with tons of people on the beach and also not tons of kids. they said there were no little kids at all and that most "familys" stay at the tamarin nextdoor. a good thing is that the people at the tamarin can't come over to the divi and use thier facilities and eat, but you can go over there if you want.
    a lot of the reviews i saw that were neg were from people from england which was kinda weird, i also think it depends on when you go. my bestfriend stayed at the occidential and loved it, but said that the beaches and pools were crowded, same with another friend who stayed at the riu. beautiful places, but a lot of people so it wasn't too relaxing.
    i have heard that at the divi it isn't hard to get a chair on the beach or a cabana and that since its a smaller resort, the staff really dotes on you when you tip them. i have pics they took if you want to pm and ill send them, so you can see what the rooms typically look like and not the ones on the website lol.
    also the divi has a honeymoon package, where you get upgraded and dinner on the beach one night. kinda cheesy but i'm sure itt will be cute.
    good luck deciding, but i can honestly say that this was the only decision for our wedding that i didn't second guess and im really excited to go to. you can send away for their press packet, which comes with a lot of info and more pictures of places to eat and you can see other things to do.  
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    You also have to read these reviews with a grain of salt...
    I know that if I am not happy with something, I will quickly write a review about how bad it is.
    If I was happy and it lived up to my expectations, I am less inclined to review it

    We went to Aruba almost 2 years ago and stayed at the Radisson- we LOVED it.  My aunt and uncle go every year and stay at the Divi and can't rave enough about it!
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    pinkrn19pinkrn19 member
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    Riu is beyond amazing! I have stayed at 3, including the one in Aruba. I will admit it a snob about my hotels!! I have not one complaint about the resort. Gorgeous, staff was excellent, food and drinks amazing! It is so beautiful that I know people who went to visit it during their trip to Aruba just to check it out!! LOVEDDD IT!!!! PM me for any specifics!!
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    ArmyBride07ArmyBride07 member
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    In Aruba you may want to look into some of the non-all inclusive resorts.  Aruba has GREAT restaurants and food isn't overly priced.  Take a look at the Hyatt Regency - its a little more modern and absolutely beautiful.
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