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Wedding night hotel recommendations

Since most of the hotel-related discussions are understandably about either hotels as venues, or hotel blocks for guests, I think I need to ask a new question - does anyone have a recommendation for a wedding night hotel in Boston?  We don't really have a strong preference as to neighborhood, just want somewhere that will feel special and treat us well, preferably either with a nice restaurant or a quick walk to one.   Four Seasons is a little too splurgey for us, I think we'll need to keep it under $500 for the room.

Married ladies, where did you stay after your wedding?  How was it?

Re: Wedding night hotel recommendations

  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
    edited December 2011
    Are you thinking about any area in the city, or do you need to fly out for your honeymoon? 

    We stayed at the Logan Airport Hilton the night before our honeymoon. It was relaxing, felt like a splurge even though it was $90 in the middle of January, and was easy to get to our terminal in the morning. 

    If you're looking for fancy....Copley Plaza? 
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    Not married yet! But we stay in Boston sometimes if we're going out with friends/going to a concert etc.

    The TAJ (the old Ritz) has some amazingly priced deals. We stayed there after a friend's wedding and it was maybe $350ish, they had a deal a few weeks ago for just $179. I'm sure they'd upgrade you too. And they have a bath butler :D

    The Hotel Marlowe is super cool and unique but it's in Cambridge. Actually most of the Kimpton hotels are super cool. Nine Zero www.ninezero.com is another Kimpton one,  its very funky and the staff has always been lovely. And it's a short walk to No 9 Park which is a complete splurge restaurant but amazing

    I stayed in the Fairmont Copley for a batchelorette party a couple of years ago  and that was gorgeous if you want Old School Boston. I think we got a deal on expedia for maybe $199 and the room was huge! And you can have drinks in the Oak Bar.

    Four Seasons & the Boston Harbor hotel seem to keep their prices pretty high all the time but you can get some great deals in other hotels.
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    I have no idea what their prices are but I have been DYING to go to the liberty hotel...

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  • acollupyacollupy member
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    We're staying at XV Beacon and so far the service has been wonderful and we haven't even stayed thier yet. Before we decided to stay there we wanted to check it out and they showed us a room, they also have a complimentary car service that guests can use, as well as the restuarant Moo in the hotel. Good luck deciding on a place to stay.
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    Ooh, suggestions so quickly!  Thanks!

    Our wedding is Saturday afternoon out in the suburbs, and we'll be leaving for our honeymoon Sunday night, so we'll actually probably check out of the hotel Sunday and head home to get our honeymoon bags and such rather than going straight to the airport. 

    Cambridge is fine, too - mostly I was just thinking that the nice hotels were In Town as opposed to the Holiday Inns and such in our area (nothing wrong with Holiday Inn, I just want something special for our wedding night), so I'll take a look at Hotel Marlowe, too.
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    The new Ames Hotel is supposed to be fab from the reports I've heard.

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    Love Hotel Marlowe, they have leopard carpets and bathrobes (which is kinda different), very modern furniture and it's affordable. We stayed there last New Year's for under $200.00. It's a short drive from No 9 Park (my favorite Boston restaurant and where we went the night of our engagementSmile)
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    Leopard carpet?!  Definitely have to check that out.  I can pretend it's jaguar (as in my screen name), not leopard, right? :)
  • Kit483Kit483 member
    edited December 2011
    The Judy Garland suite at the Lenox Hotel is classic, old-time Boston if you are feeling that vibe and a lower price point with proximity to Newbury...
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    We are getting a suite at the Omni Parker for around 350 I think
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    I second XV Beacon!

    I spent my wedding night there in a corner junior suite.  They decorated it with flower pedals and had chocolate covered treats and champagne waiting for us.  The decor is unique.  It's a wonderful boutique hotel and the service is incomparable.  I plan on going back every year on my anniversary!

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    We stayed at the Ames hotel in Government Center. It was SUPER awesome! I'm not sure of the p[rice though as it was a wedding gift from a friend of ours that works at the hotel. However, the room was spectacular, the room service great and the brunch the next day was fantastic!
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