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Hey Ladies, my name is Courtney. I just recently got engaged on 4-21-2011 =) Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm hoping to get/share some great ideas on this board. =) I'm currently looking for a venue to host the ceremony and reception in the Jacksonville area. ((or West of Jax would be great too, like Macclenny =)) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks y'all!

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    Hello and welcome!!

    Congrats on your engagement!!!
    Your local board (and all these too) should be very helpful to you!
    Happy planning:)
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    Welcome welcome! :)
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    Welcome!!! local board on the left will have all a wealth of info for you
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    Once you set a date make sure and check out the month board for your month and year. I didn't find my month board till I had been year nearly 3 months and they are the best group of girls. It's great to have them because they will all be in the same planning stage you are, most likely anyway.

    Congrats on the engagement!
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    Congratulations, how did FI propse?
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    Thank you ladies! Wow, I didn't realize that I wasn't on my local board, ha! Sorry about that =) To answer the above questions, yes! I have started my planning =) I will going tomorrow to check out a venue in St. Augustine, FL. called the White Room, it's beautiful. And you get to have a roof top wedding =)

    My fiance actually took me down this old dirt road, to a little one lane bridge. This is where we had our first kiss. It's out in the country, so you can see millions of stars out there, it was really pretty. He took me to the bridge where we first kissed and got down on one knee. It was really sweet =)
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