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Inappropriate Nicknames


Re: Inappropriate Nicknames

  • Oh, my sis and I call each other butthead in public.

    I've known a Sparky, a Patsy, a Ratbag (who gave himself the nickname to be "cool" *vom*), a Studboy, a Jessihooters and more that I can't remember off the top of my head righ tnow. Only one of those is an actual friend of mine that I love and adore. The rest are people I used to know and am glad not to be friends with anymore.
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  • Fi calls me porn star, which freaked the hell out of my brother the first time he heard it lol. i actually have a bunch of names for FI: etch-a-sketch, merv, dork, tall person..... it goes on lol. 

    most people i know have kinda normal nick names. my brother is known as bonk to a lot of people. i know a blinky, cookie, frenchy, gonz, tiny (who's 6'7" of course), helmet, popeye, munky, oink (yes he's a cop), stretch, tree (another 6'6" and skinny as hell guy)........nothing too inappropriate though
  • I get lots of boob names.  Pancake, Tits, GG (my nickname is CC and when my girls found out what my bra size was I got "GG" a lot).

    I also named my boobies.  Thelma and Louise.  Because they are always trying to make a goddamn break for it. 

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    My uncle's best friend's name is Gary, but his nickname from the Navy during Vietnam is N*gger. He's whiter than i am. N Reynolds is what is on his mailbox and my cousins always called him "unlce n*g". We were only allowed to call him Mr. Gary, and he really doesn't answer to that. He lives in Arkansas.

    My older sister was called "booger red" when she was a baby.

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  • In Response to Inappropriate Nicknames:
    [QUOTE]You know you have 'em.  SHARE. Noodle calls me "wildenuge" (along the lines of wildebeast) when things get a little, erm...hairy. Our friend is Jewish, and we (including his wife) call him Jeffrey Jewseph.  My mom still calls my brother "pee bucket" sometimes because he had a bedwetting problem when he was younger.
    Posted by NuggetBrain[/QUOTE]

    being jewish my friends call me Moisha Samburg a lot.  moish for short.  i get a lot of "hey moish, come do my taxes!" 
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    Not really inappropriate, but I like to call my brother "Old McDonald" because his middle name is Donald. He used to get really pissed when we were younger. Now I just call him "Seamen" because he's in the Navy. He also hates that one.

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  • My BF in college had a mole on her back (she's since had it removed) that resembled a pair of testicles.  We still call her Nutsac.
    No, that's not my real name. And FH's name isn't Nun (as in Nun ya bidness) either.
  • My little brother and I call each other Ass.

    FI has a lot of boob-related nicknames for me, but mostly we call each other "Stinky" and variations of that word.

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