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Open House Bridal Shower

 My FMIL & FSILs are throwing me a bridal shower and since the guest list is so big they suggested that we do it open house style.  I am fine without playing any games (which is their big concern).  What else goes on?
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Re: Open House Bridal Shower

  • They said something about me opening the gifts as people hand them to me.  I feel odd about that one but if it's ok to do, I guess I can.  I just feel weird about opening it when they first arrive.  Feels a lil gift grabby. 
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  • Food and opening gifts are the only things I've done at a bridal shower.
  • bmoruzzi - when did you open gifts?
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  • how many people are you talking about?
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    about list was 34 people and then my FMIL also wanted her side of the family and her church group.  My MOH will co-host with them but the FILs are mainly running the show.
    ETA: all of these ladies are on the wedding invite list.
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  • I would feel odd about opening a gift as soon as it's handed to me also. I think open house is fine except for the gift aspect of it. I guess you could just set a time for opening gifts and whoever is there to watch watches??

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  • I've been to a couple showers and we ate first.  Then after everyone was done eating, the bride to be opened all the gifts.  
  • No games or anything like that at my shower -- cocktail hour, luncheon, gift opening, done. I don't really think a shower lends itself to an open house, though, since to me, a large part of the shower is the group experience. And I would think it was really odd if I handed someone a gift at a shower and they opened it on the spot. Honestly, I'd rethink this plan and either invite fewer people or have it somewhere that can accommodate everyone at the same time.
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