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Redipping white gold


So I took my engagement ring in a few months ago to have two balls added to it so it wouldnt turn anymore.  When he was done he polished the bottom.  Ever since then it has start to get that yellowish tint to the botton half where he polished it. I have another white gold rind and necklace that didnt turn so I dont think its the chemicals in my skin.  I know i can have it redipped to turn it back but I was wondering if they have to remove the stones to do that. So my question is: Do they have to remove the diamonds in order to redip my white gold ring?  Thank you for your help!

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Re: Redipping white gold

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    They rhodium plate your ring. And no they don't remove the diamond. 
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    They don't remove the diamonds to redip.  I'd actually ask them to look and see if the balls he put in were in fact silver and not white gold.  That would account for them turning color - skin reactions like that happen to me with silver.
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    thank your for the responses and advice

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