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Another B-list question! What?!

Okay, I'm not technically a reg on this board, but it is where I post the most so I'm no stranger to the barrage of B-list questions on this board.  That being said, I have a question about one person.

A friend from HS is moving back to the states today.  Invites went out last week.  He has actually always been closer with my sis, but they have an on/off friendship and he has a tendency to piss her off.  I however, have always enjoyed him and understand his antics come with the territory and he calls me "kid sister" and we have a funny, but not incredibly close, friendship. 

I would like to extend an invitation to him, but not until after the RSVPs start coming back.  I really enjoy him and a lot of our mutual friends will be there so it would make sense to have him.  However, we are over budget but I know for a fact that several ppl can't come because of traveling.  I feel like it would be irresponsible to add even one more person before the guest list gets back under control. 

He moved back to my hometown so It's not like I would even have the opportunity to see him beforehand.  So my question is, because he was never eligible to be a consideration when the invitations went out because he lived outside of the country, am I able to wait a little longer to extend an invitation to him?  Or do I need to ask him right away? Or not at all?
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