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My fiance and I both have 5 people on our sides of the wedding party and my brother is marrying us. The groom's sister is going to have the only non-religious reading in the ceremony. My brother will be wearing his army dress blues, the bridesmaids will be wearing long chiffon champagne colored dresses and the groomsmen/best man will be wearing light/medium grey suits. How do you suggest we coordinate the sister of the groom's attire with our wedding party? Should she match my brother who is marrying us and wearing navy? Should she stand alone in another coordinating color? I want there to be a distinction between the bridesmaids and the ceremony readers. On top of what she's wearing, also, should she take a seat at the ceremony until she does her reading, or should she also be standing up there with my brother because it will be a very short ceremony? Any suggestions would be fantastic!!


Re: Sister of the Groom Dress Etiquette

  • The only people you get to decide what they wear are those in the WP (bridesmaids and groomsmen). 

    Have her sit until she does a reading.
  • I was asked by her and her mother what she should wear. That's why I ask. Because otherwise I wouldn't care.
  • You say, "whatever you feel beautiful in.  The WP will be wearing X, Y, and Z"
  • A lot of people (not in the WP) asked me what they should wear -- I told them to wear whatever they wanted that they felt comfortable in.   I think these people are just trying to be considerate, not realizing that a bride has better things to do that coordinate outfits for every wedding guest:-)

    Maybe you could offer to help FSIL pick something out (either by going over to her house and "closet shopping", or by going shopping with her).
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