Sunburn Halp

Any tips to make a seriously nasty sunburn stop itching/hurting? I haven't had one in literally ten years, and I am DYING. I am neon red from neck to knees, and have a super busy week at work. The thought of running around with my clothes rubbing up against my skin the way it is makes me want to die.

Re: Sunburn Halp

  • Get a tube of aloe vera gel and keep it in the fridge.  It feels soooo good when you put it on and it's chilled.
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    Solarcaine works wonders for me. I'm really fair skinned and used this when I got blisters one summer. It sprays on really cold and fizzes for a little bit, but GREAT stuff!

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  • oh, almie.  tsk tsk.  i concur that aloe vera is the best thing.  maybe a cool wet towel in on the worst spots?
  • Vinegar will take away the pain too. Dab vinegar all over the burn and then apply the cold aloe gel. 
  • Take a big bowl of water and steep some tea in it.  Any kind should work.  I used English Breakfast tea.   Then take washcloths (or bandanas...they are softer) and soak them in the tea, then apply to skin.  Just leave them draped over the area.  Ibuprofen and LOTS of aloe, as sucrets said.   You could try vinegar, it kinda works but not as well as the tea...and you stink to high heaven until you shower it off.   Good luck. I totally sympathize with you.   I'm still peeling after a month!
  • Ditto on the aloe vera gel. Benadryl might help with the itching. Make sure to ULTRA moisturize your skin to cut down on peeling. Good luck!
  • I had heard about vinegar but wasn't sure it worked. I will have to try it. I KNOW I am on my way to blistering :-( Ugh. I am usually super vigilant with SPF 75, but we were camping and I didn't think of it. I would be happy to just start peeling at this point. I'm in the stage where its just sore and feels like my skin is going to burst open. GROSS.
  • Mix what they all said up there ^^ with a couple shots of your booze of choice, and you'll be money.
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  • milksoak some gauze in the milk and put it on the burn
  • Ditto what Fische said.   The miracle cure is at the bottom of a bottle of wine.  It heals all that ails you. lol
  • ggmaeggmae member
    Ugh! So sorry to hear that. It's really the worst and so uncomfortable. I am always good with the sunscreen too, but my face got burned today. :-\ Aloe vera always works for me. And sometimes, I take an ice pack and wrap it in some paper towels, then apply to the worst spots. That cools it down. GL!
  • The thought of rubbing milk on my skin makes me gagggggg. I have been alternating aleve and ibuprofen but might toss a benadryl in the mix. Perhaps I will OD. At least it will get me out of work.
  • Don't rub it into your skin, Almond. Soak the gauze in it an put that on the burnThe fattier the milk, the better.Cosmetic surgeon told me this but my grandmother told me first
  • I wish I would have had this advice a week ago. Now I need a remedy for peeling, because lotion isn't working.Hope your burn gets better!
  • Get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water.  I got sun burnt a couple of months ago and aloe made my skin tingle so bad it was unbearable.  Milk or vinegar soaked on a rag worked a lot better.
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  • Ditto aloe in the fridge... make sure it contains lidocaine to numb the skin
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