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Hello, I apologize if this is a repeat post.. .  I searched but couldn't seem to find one before.I got my dress back yesterday from Kleinfeld. It is about 2 sizes too big (I lost 20lbs...) Kleinfeld charges $600 for alterations at the time you buy your dress, and since I didn't know how much I'd need altered then, I declined. They provided me with a list of tailors/seamstresses I could use. Does anyone know anything about these women? I'd love if anyone could give a rave to even just one of them!Ines Barraza, 1363 70th Street BrooklynRacquel Garcia,10204 5th Street, BrooklynStella Legakis, 360 93rd Street, BRooklynAnna Zabata, 8750 25th Avenue, BrooklynEnza Zoida, 2018 72nd Street, BrooklynThanks! I have phone numbers for these women too if anyone else needs. . .

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    so random - i literally just got off the phone with enza - i just made an appt with her. she was really sweet. i also got my dress at kleinfelds - it was a sample and my sales person gave me the same list. she told me her 2 favorites are enza and stella (in that order). wish i had 1st hand knowledge thus far - but i'll see in sept when i see her! good luck...
  • hi there! I was wondering if you ladies could comment on the seamstress you wound up using in Brooklyn. I'm looking for one and don't want to pay more than $250 or so. I would love their contact numbers if you were pleased w/ them! Thanks!
  • Hi ladies, I need to do some serious work on my dress. It's a size 10 and I'm a size 2-4. I have the kelinfeld list but I'm not sure which one to go to. Any recommendations? Thank you!
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