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Is it really that hard?

Several times a day, something will happen that makes me think, "Man, is it really that hard?"  Lately, it's been FI being unable to close the shower curtain all the way so water gets all over the floor, and the bathmat gets soaked.  We ruined two of the rubber backed ones this way (yes, he still can't seem to close the damn shower curtain all the way!)  I mean, is it REALLY that hard to make sure the shower curtain is pulled all the way closed?  The floor is always dry after I shower.  I manage.So what's gotten you thinking, "Is it really that hard?" lately?

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Re: Is it really that hard?

  • Husband, is it really that hard to shut the pantry door so that the dog doesn't knock over the trash can and strew trash all over the kitchen?  How many times are you going to have to clean up trash before you remember to shut the damn pantry door?
  • Is it really that hard to use 411 on your phone instead of calling me to look up a number in town, sis? Is it really that hard to go cancel your gym membership when you've never once stepped foot in the gym, and it's only five minutes out of your way home, hubby? Just because I have a more flexible work schedule doesn't mean you can't cancel it your dang self. I didn't sign up for it!
  • FI-is it really that hard to close the cabinet door or linen closet door when you're done?  Perhaps when I bang my head on the cabinet door and you have to spend hours with me in the ER, you'll think of closing them.
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  • FI, is it really that hard to take trash out and burn it? You realize you just spend 10 minutes making the boxes stack properly in the storage bin to make it look "not full yet" AND managed to give yourself a cardboard cut, right? You could have walked the 20 feet to the burn barrel and been done in less than 2 minutes.
  • "Is it really that hard?"First thing that came to my mind "That's what she said."
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • Is it really that hard to put on your effing blinker? Is it really that hard to make AAAA phone call that is, decidedly, part of your job? Is it that hard to do quantum physics?! One of these things does not belong here.
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  • Neighbor, is it really that hard to park your tiny little Hyundai Accent INSIDE the pretty yellow lines?  I manage to park my car in them.  FI manages to park his Blazer in them.  Obnoxious guy upstairs manages to park his F-150 inside them.  Why can't you?

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  • Is it really that hard for you to close the bedroom door?  And no, after you just walked past it wide open and I ask you (as we're leaving the house) if you closed it, it's really not the best choice to say, "I didn't open it."  Because while it likely was me that opened it to get changed so we could go out to get food, you were the last one to walk past it before coming downstairs so perhaps you could have just pulled it shut, now couldn't you?  Or are we children?  Because if so, I'm gonna stop vacuuming now.  I didn't shed all the dog hair that I have to vacuum daily so I'm clearly not responsible for making sure it doesn't cover the floor.Right?

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  • H will leave ONE SIP of soda in the bottom of the can.  i dont know why he does this, but i always have to dump it out before i can put it in the recycle.
  • I literally laughed out loud Wading. Every time I vacuum, I get pissed at the dog for watching me do it with this little grin on her face while she chews on a bone and proceeds to shed on the couch instead of the floor.
  • Family, is it really that hard to suck it up and stfu?!  Hope you like it when you get your wedding announcement instead of invitation because you drove us to elope fvckers.(if we can find what we want for the right price, that is)
  • Oh, Wading, that means I can stop cleaning the litter box right?

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    Is it really that hard to put your dirty clothes into the laundry basket instead of beside the bed, which is 3 feet from the laundry basket?  Also, is it so hard to move your shoes from the middle of the floor so my clumsy self doesn't trip over them?
  • Is it really that hard to GOOGLE?Is it really that hard to MAKE A DECISION about colors/items for YOUR wedding?Is it really that hard to check Office calendars so that you don't overbook people?
  • Dear dear Husband, Is it really that hard to put the handtowel back on the rack and clean up your facial hair trimmings?
  • Is it really that hard to write a question on a forum without writing a novel to preface the situation?
  • Registrar's office and graduate school, is it really that hard to understand and follow your policies and procedures? 

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  • I have such a long list like this with a 10 year old boy in the house.... Don't even get me started.
  • Do share, BGB, it's fun!

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • FI, is it really that hard to make a decison and stick with it? Like we decided that selling your car would be best while you go back to school and I have the only income. Gas, replacement parts and ins. will go down, thus putting less stress on me/our marriage. But then you decide that you can make it work and keep it. But then you decide that yes, you do need to grow up and sell it; do the responsible thing. You know what? I don't CARE what you do anymore. Just make up your freaking mind!!!!
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  • Is it really that hard *men* to hit the water and not the rim, or anywhere else, on the toilet. You've got the gear to aim, put it to some use!
  • Work related: I do mailings for agents (stuffing envelopes and labeling ect) one guy has been telling me all week he was going to get his stuff to me that day... I finally get them today but other ppl have given me their stuff first so I tell him "may not get to it till firday or monday". To which he says "oh no no, I really need these to go out by tomorrow" Seriously!? Dude I am swamped! Not to mention other agents had this particular mailing out 2 weeks ago so they are late as is.... is it really that hard to get stuff to me on time? Really?  
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  • Fi is it really that hard to put your dirty socks in the laundry basket do you really need to put them on the couch where I sit.
  • Oh I'm a little late to this but here it is anyway: FI is it really that hard to pick up your basketball shorts from right infront of the bedroom door so that when I go pee at night and dont see them I don't fall on my a$$???? Or - is it really that hard to close the closet door which I  thought you would have learned after your bach. party and came stumbling into it and almost broke it right off the hinge - that was funny tho...
  • Darling husband, is it really that hard to put the empty bottle in the recycling bin? You did a great job rinsing it and putting it on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BIN. Daughters, is it really that hard to put your dirty clothes in the hamper rather than on the floor?
  • Customers: Is it really that hard to find where dog food is in my store? It's an entire side, with a giant plastic dog hanging from the ceiling that says "Dog Food". Is it also really that hard to decide between the red bowl and the blue bowl? The dog doesn't care, I don't care, toss a freaking coin or something.Calypso, I always leave the last sip of a drink in cans :( I don't even know when I started doing it, but it's been as long as I can remember....
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